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One on One With Glenda Adams (Part 20)
April 30, 2004 | Tuncer Deniz

Tuncer: Is Aspyr thinking about developing their own games?

Glenda: That is certainly something we've been looking into for a while, and is a part of where the company is going to go in the long term. I think we'll be able to talk more about that as the year goes on. If we do get to the point where we are doing original games, I definitely plan to make sure we'd do Mac and PC versions simultaneously, so Mac users would get the coolest stuff right at the start.

Tuncer: Can you tell us about some of the upcoming demos in the works?

Glenda: Yes, we're working on three demos right now- a Call of Duty single player demo, Medal of Honor:Breakthrough multiplayer demo, and a Space Colony demo. They all show off some cool parts of the games and I think will get people excited about the upcoming releases.

Tuncer: Can you tell us a bit more about Homeworld 2? I don't think a lot of Mac gamers are too familiar with it.

Glenda: HW2 is a 3D real time strategy game set in space. It is a very unique game, since you have to think about your strategy and tactics in 3D, not just looking down on a 2D landscape. You can pan, zoom, spin around, and move the camera anywhere in the space your are fighting in. It is one of the most gorgeous games I've seen, the nebulae, asteroids, and other objects in space are amazingly rendered. And the amount of detail on your ships from small fighters to giant destroyers is unbelievable. At its roots it has a lot of the classic RTS gameplay elements- building new ships, mining for resources, developing new technology, and fighting hordes of enemy ships.

Tuncer: A few weeks ago we ran a poll asking what Mac game publisher was their favorite and Aspyr came out ahead with 40 percent of the vote. What do you attribute to the popularity of Aspyr?

Glenda: I think much of it comes down to the games. We've always had a goal to bring the best games to the Mac, and we've been really hit our stride as far as Triple-A titles in 2004. I'd like to think the quality we've been building into the titles and our ties to the Mac community have something to do with it too. Since I've come to Aspyr I've tried to give us a more active presence in the community and have worked to make sure we support our games better.

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Archives  Features  One on One With Glenda Adams (Part 20)