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World of Warcraft Character Journal - Part 2
April 22, 2004 | Michael Phillips

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The World of Warcraft beta has reached phase 2, which means plenty of new adventures. Unfortunately, phase 2 also meant that all of our phase 1 characters were locked, perhaps for good. So, farewell Mourngoth! Iím not vexed about it, my new character is even cooler, but it does mean this will probably be Mourngothís final journal entry. Another character will pick up the slack soon enough.

Mourngoth and the Void Walker
As I was saying, killing Surena didnít exactly earn me the knowledge to call upon a Void Walker. Indeed, there was more to be done. The Master Warlock instructed me to take the pendant that I wrested from Surena and make my way to the crypts hidden deep beneath the Slaughtered Lamb. I so enjoy a crypt, one can almost feel deathís gentle unyielding embrace in such a place. At any rate, I was to locate whatís known as a Summoning Circle and read from a parchment while holding the pendant. Now, we come to the fun partÖ After reading from the parchment, I was told to somehow subdue the Void Walker that would angrily appear before me, thus binding it to my service. After besting Surena, the prospect of doing battle with a Void Walker wasnít quite as upsetting as it would have been a week ago.

The crypts were cold and dark; I had to step carefully in the areas sans torchlight. It took me some time to traverse the twisty halls of the sleeping dead, but eventually I came to a large chamber with ancient runes of power carved into the stone floor. It was the Summoning Circle. Iíd never invoked such a powerful creature before, yet for whatever reason, I was calm. I firmly grasped the pendant, took a deep breath and read from the dusty parchment. In a flash of acrid smoke, the Void Walker towered over me and he was NOT happy to be there. Iíve never been to the Void, but I hear itís lovely in winter. Thus, I could empathize with the Walkerís plight. Still, I had to beat the beast into submission. Without any conscious effort, Curses began to fly from my mouth and the Shadow Bolts sprang from my fingertips. The Void Walkerís fists pounded at my face, but even with blood streaming down my nose, I pressed my magical attacks. Then, just as I was about to black out from pain, the beast suddenly surrendered. I had beaten the Void Walker and bound it to my cause.

Victorious, I made my way back upstairs to return the pendant and learn to Summon my new pet without the help of a Summoning Circle and such an item. In order to conjure a Void Walker out in the field, I was taught to create Soul Shards, a key reagent for advanced Summoning rituals. To create a Soul Shard, I simply have to cast Drain Soul just as my victim is suffering their last breath. Of course, if the subject is too weak, the spell does not work. Thus, I canít travel the countryside gathering Soul Shards from unsuspecting bunny rabbits. I know, itís disappointing, but unavoidable.

With the company of a Void Walker, life is so much easier. I can travel safely in places where I may have required the aid of a sanctimonious Paladin or a dullard Warrior. I can be alone to study my dark arts, if I so choose. The Void Walker represents a new level of freedom. Freedom to gain glory that I would otherwise have to share, like in the case of two lost soldiersÖ

In the Elwynn Forest, East of the town of Goldshire, there were reports of heavy morloch build-ups near streams and lakes. Morlochs are vindictive little fish beasts that walk upright on land and swim freely in water. In fact, my uncle Wilgoth was disemboweled by morlochs on a routine fishing trip. I know the brutality of these scaly monsters first hand, but I digress. I was told by a Guard Thomas of two scouts whom he sent upstream to investigate the morloch encampment, but never returned. Obviously, they were quite dead, yet Guard Thomas required proof. Thus, my Void Walker and I ventured toward the morloch horde to see what we could see. After dispatching several of the fishy fiends, I came across the gutted remains of the two men. Evidently, one of the men attempted to run away, as his bones were several yards away from his fallen comrade. My job done, I grabbed their soldierís medallions as proof of my findings and returned to Guard Thomas to collect my reward. Thomas learned a valuable lesson about morlochs at the cost of two meaningless lives. Not a bad trade at allÖ

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