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World of Warcraft Character Journal - Part 1
April 12, 2004 | Michael Phillips

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For the past few weeks, I've been enjoying the World of Warcraft (WoW) beta. Even at this stage in the proverbial game, WoW looks to be the greatest thing since hot cocoa. Rather than write a typical beta preview, I've written a character journal for my level 15 Gnome Warlock. Over the coming days, said journal will unfold...

The Journal of Mourngoth the Gnome
I am a Gnome. Weíre a tiny people, but what we lack in stature, we gain in intellect. Enough about Gnomes however, for this is not a journal about Gnomes, but rather it is an account of my life as a young Warlock in the lands of Azeroth. I believe that those who go before must aid those who come after, thus I record my life here. One day, someone may pry this book from my cold, dead fingers. My only hope is that they learn from it.

While Mages deal in elemental magic, or Warriors deal in brutal armed combat, we Warlocks wield Death itself. We kill, but we also make certain that which we kill suffers before the end. If Iím feeling merciful, Iíll make use of Shadow Magic and cast Shadow Bolt; a devastating spell that does large amounts Direct Damage to my victim. However, if Iím working with a group of fellow adventurers and I donít wish to draw an enemyís direct attention, I will skulk in the background and cast the Curses at my disposal. Curses are how we Warlocks make our prey suffer. For instance, Curse of Agony does not immediately break my victim, but instead does Damage Over Time. Quite often, a poor wretch doesnít even realize whatís happening until itís far too late. Such moments are the sweetest for me.

Aside from casting spells and Curses, I can Summon powerful allies to my aid. Early in my studies, I learned to Summon an Imp. Every Warlock begins their summoning career by mastering the art of Imp Summoning, only because an Imp is the being thatís least capable of eviscerating even a neophyte Summoner. I began my days as a Warlock in the icy Dwarven lands of Dun Morogh. I began by doing odd jobs for various townsfolk. I helped stave off the wild boar population, I hunted trolls, I even delivered machine tools to a local Dwarven Engineer. With each task, I gained experience as a fledgling Warlock. I wonít bore myself or anyone else with the story of how I learned to Summon my Imp. Itís not even interesting to me and Iím a Warlock! No, instead Iíll recount how I learned to call upon the towering Void WalkerÖ

In the Human city of Stormwind, there is a dank tavern known as the Slaughtered Lamb. Catchy, isnít it? At any rate, I learned of the Slaughtered Lamb from a rather disagreeable Gnome in the Dwarven stronghold, Ironforge. I cannot begin to fully describe Ironforge; only the Dwarves couldíve created such a place. It is a massive city of rock and steel that was literally carved inside of a mountain. It is here that the Dwarven King Magni Bronzebeard holds court. I have yet to return to Ironforge since that day, but I shall, in time. Though there are many places to see in the grand city of Dwarves, I was focused on one thing; quick passage to Stormwind and the Slaughtered Lamb. I had heard that for a fee, one could ride a trained Gryphon from one major city to another. To be honest, I was quite nervous at the prospect of flying atop a winged lion, but to reach Stormwind on foot would take weeks. Thus, I found my way to the Hall of Explorers and hired a Gryphon. Though I was uneasy as the Gryphon began to take flight, my heart was quickly filled with excitement. The Gryphon soared high above the frozen tundra below, as we made our way South to the green lands of the Elwynn Forest and into the Human city of Stormwind.


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