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IMG's Top 10 Scariest Mac Games
October 31, 2003 | Zack Lipowski

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2. Clive Barkerís Undying
Released quietly for the Mac, Undying quickly became one of the most eerie and creepy games money could buy. Rather than just rely on cheap scares and over abused gore, Undying used well-orchestrated music and clever level design to evoke a sense of imminent dread and ancient horror. Undying had a spectacular story for its time, complemented by gradual pacing that eased you into the gameís mechanics, such as spell casting, which greatly added to the mythical occult atmosphere present throughout. Not stopping at merely human inventions of death, Undying boasted an impressive arsenal of wicked "otherworld" weapons like the Scythe of the Celt to dispatch the many critters inhabiting the gameís Ireland mansion. You even had a device that allowed you too see the past actions that occurred in a room. This cleverly allowed the game developers to show you horrific acts of killing, which happened right where you were standing. Suffice to say, I didnít feel safe enough with my double barrel shotgun at any time. And oh what creatures you faced. It wasnít enough for the game designers to craft monsters that easily and skillfully butchered you, but after you were killed, each monster had its own unique animation of how to defile your pathetically defeated body. Having your heart brutally ripped out after being "owned" certainly reinforced the distinction between monsters just wanting to kill you and monsters wanting to make sure you suffered even in death. With a laundry list of features like excellent lighting with static shadows and some of the best particle rain effects in a game, you canít go wrong with Undying if you are one of those sick puppies that enjoys being terrorized. You know who you are.

Public Choice: Clive Barkerís Undying

Public Quote: "I kept wondering why everything, human or not, wanted t rip my arms off. Then I found out apparently this is their mansion."

1. Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator is unquestionably our number one choice for Mac game most likely to make you soil yourself. It combined an ideal pitch black gaming environment and the atmosphere of Halloween to scar you for life (joy!). Decades earlier we first experienced the terrifying movie that started it all, Alien. People walked out of the theatres in disgust, others toughed it out whimpering like little girls behind their jumbo popcorns. Later, another movie came out called Predator that, while not quite as frightening as Alien, more than made up for it with copious amounts of gore and outright frenzied action. In what has to be one of the smartest game propositions ever, Rebellion decided to combine Aliens' raw horror and ability to terrify an audience coupled with Predator's gore and action to create the disgustingly pleasant Aliens vs. Predator. As if that wasn't enough, the designers decided "what the hell, why not" and threw in the playable race of Marines. Almost undoubtedly everyone would agree playing as a Colonial Marine is the scariest, for the simple fact that you are the lowest link in the food chain caught between two things that donít like you very much. Walking through a bloodied corridor, with flashing red lights blinding you as a shrieking alarm deafens you, only to slowly hear that steady, unforgettable heartbeat ever present - your tracker detecting movement somewhere above you. You blubber hopelessly in the corner, awaiting swift death by an unknown alien, and your bleak immediate future holds, at best, being the forced carrier for the Queens brood. Yummy.

Public Choice: Aliens vs. Predator/Aliens vs. Predator 2 (tie)

Public Quote: "The only game that made me rock back and forth in an arm chair clutching my machette for 3 hours hearing clicking noises and beeps of my motion tracker in my mind. I never did finish those marine missions..."

Well, that's it for our Halloween feature, but before we go we would like to mention some of the "unfortuanate" candidates that just didn't get enough votes to claw their way into our list. Some of the outcasts? One reader commented on the psycological scars recieved after playing Sim Ant, which while unheard of, wish him the best of luck in the future. Another reader questioned the rating given to Bugdom, even going as far as to send in a two page paper to me analyzing the connection between the enemy red ants and the rise of Communism. Suffice to say, when it comes down to it, it's all just a matter of perspective.

And with that, IMG would like to wishe you a happy and safe Halloween and see you next year!

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