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IMG Pays Another Visit To Brad Oliver
September 22, 2003 | Jean-Luc Dinsdale

IMG: I just want to touch quickly on a couple MACMAME questions. You’re this busy with Westlake work AND you find time to work on MacMAME? You da man! Can you comment on your team’s decision to drop OS 9 support in MacMAME? Generally speaking, was there negative feedback after this announcement?

Brad: MacMAME isn't really a team anymore, it's pretty much just me. So it was easy for me to make the decision. :-) I haven't seen much (or really any) negative feedback on the switch to OSX. Most folks who are sticking with OS9 for now find that older versions of MacMAME run all the games they want anyway, which isn't too surprising when you support 4000+ games. :-)

IMG: Is there a lot of communication between yourselves and the teams developing the software for other platforms?

Brad: I don't know if I'd say there's a lot, but there's as much as there needs to be. MAME is a pretty portable app nowadays.

IMG: Okay, the following questions have absolutely nothing to do about Apple, games, or programming. In our last chat, you predicted, or at least agreed with the prediction that cell phones and PDAs would merge. I just bought my first Sony Ericsson that combines a cell phone with an address book (complete with email addresses), calendar, voice recording, digital camera (extra attachment required), so on and so forth. It’s Bluetooth enabled too, which is super-cool. What’s your latest toy been?

Brad: I'm not much of a "toy" guy, aside from my collection of vintage Star Wars action figures. ;-)

IMG: Okay, while we’re on a sci-fi kick, what’s your favourite Stargate SG-1 episode? Mine’s the first one in which they introduced the Replicators.

Brad: Holy cow, that's a tough one. I liked the first-season episode where O'Neill makes peace with his son's death. I also liked the 2-episode arc where SG-1 frees the "Destroyer of Worlds" by accident, then finds her as a young girl with amnesia.

IMG: My favorite TV shows right now are Spike TV's MXC and Joe Schmo, the fake reality TV show. The shows are unlike anything I've ever seen before and they make fun of the status quo.

Brad: MXC is currently high on our TiVo season pass list. :-) I haven't seen Joe Schmo, but I've seen a ton of commercials for it via MXC.

IMG: So, congrats - almost one year of married life. I’ve found that the best thing about being married is that there’s no more uncertainty, no more trepidation, no more need for macho-ism, no more need to show off to or impress your partner, if that makes any sense. You can just be. Plus, you can use your “weapon of ass destruction” freely around the house. I know I do.

Brad: Yes, definitely. Today I had quite a lot of sausage pizza, some wings, cheesy breadsticks and a beer for lunch, so there has been a lot of "friendly fire" this evening. That's what love is all about.

IMG: What was up with the gas shortages in your home stat of Arizona? Gas in my hometown has gotten pricey recently, but nothing close to the news reports we hear about up here...

Brad: Arizona has no gas refineries, so all of our gas is piped in via two main pipelines, one from California, and another from Texas. The pipe from Texas ruptured and is undergoing repair. In the process, that caused a shortage of gas which eventually resulted in super-long lines at the pump and most gas stations going completely dry over a period of 3-4 days last week while they struggled to re-open the busted pipeline. It was pretty crazy.


Once again, we want to thank Brad Oliver for graciously taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with us.

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