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IMG Pays Another Visit To Brad Oliver
September 22, 2003 | Jean-Luc Dinsdale

IMG: Apart from the hands-on experience with the new hardware that you got at WWDC, have you had any other experience with the G5’s? Out of curiosity, how early in the game do developers get their hands on Apple’s specs for their new machines? Does Apple give developers time in advance with their new machines in order to ensure compatibility?

Brad: No, the only time I was near them was at WWDC. We typically get our specs the same time as everyone else. :-)

IMG: Likewise, how much interaction is there between developers and third-party hardware vendors like ATI and nVidia?

Brad: There's quite a lot of interaction. We talk with Chris, Arshad and the rest of the ATI gang on a fairly regular basis. NVidia is slightly different because there's a lot of work done both at Apple and at nVidia on the Mac drivers. Usually I interact directly with the Apple engineers when nVidia issues come up.

IMG: For the ignorant (like myself), what comes first – Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior or Apple’s ProjectBuilder? What other tools do you use in your work?

Brad: For the moment, CodeWarrior. It's worked well for me with both Carbon and Cocoa apps, and it spanks (Apple/GNU Project’s) PB/gcc in compile times at the moment. That may change with (Apple’s) Xcode and the advent of precompiled headers in gcc 3.3. I'm anxious to see Apple's tools catch up with CodeWarrior, since I've felt that Metrowerks has become quite complacent about their Mac development tools. The total lack of a plan for G5 support in CodeWarrior is just the latest symptom of that, IMHO.

I use (Apple’s) Interface Builder quite a lot. It's a great visual development tool for both Cocoa and Carbon. I use (Mscape Software’s) Iconographer X for creating icns files, and when necessary, I bust out (Mathemaesthetics, Inc’s) Resorcerer for resource editing.

IMG: The more I learn about OS X’s underpinnings, the more impressed I am at Apple’s efforts of moulding a rock-solid UNIX operating system into a user-friendly operating system. Since you started coding for OS X, have you had to learn a lot about Unix, or do the software development tools make the transition transparent?

Brad: There's been some learning curve, but it hasn't been too bad for me personally. In college, I had to use Unix a lot, so there were plenty of deja vu moments as I came back up to speed on OSX. I wasn't too familiar with gcc and gdb (GNU Project’s c/c++ compiler and debugger) before OSX, but ProjectBuilder does shield the bulk of that from me.


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