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MacSoft Talks Age of Mythology
August 4, 2003 | Tuncer Deniz

IMG: More and more games are going Mac OS X only. Is Mac OS 9 development finished?

Al Schilling: Yes. I think most people really underestimate the difficulty of trying to develop for, and support, 2 operating systems. Our 2 most recent titles won't even run on older versions of OSX. Continuing to try to make OpenGL intensive games compatible with OS9 is just not feasible.

IMG: I'm sure there's a lot of people interested in hearing about Halo for the Macintosh. Can you give us an update on the Mac OS X version and when you might expect to release it? Will there be a tech demo of Halo for the Mac?

Al Schilling: Halo is a rather unique development scenario. While one company (Gearbox) is converting the X-box version to PC, another (Westlake) is converting the resultant PC code to Mac. Of course the conversion from X-box to PC is more than just a port. There are some very cool new features being added. The gang at Westlake are doing a great job in staying as close to the PC development as possible. This is no easy task. Of course, our ship date is totally dependent on the PC version being complete. We're still shooting for the "late summer/early fall" release that we've been planning. A tech demo is possible but, given the incredible workload involved in just staying current with the PC development, we're not ready to promise a demo.

IMG: Look back at the last six months, what has MacSoft done right? And what areas does MacSoft need to improve on?

Al Schilling: Well, first and foremost, we're under ownership that is able to make Mac software priority-#1. I think that our quality control has really been outstanding-especially given the number of titles we've released in the past 6 months. We've made constant improvements in our distribution network.

Now that we've scrambled our way through the transition, we hope to improve in several areas. There's always room for better communication with our customers and channel partners. Our website is vastly improved, but could still be better. We're going to work very hard to ensure that our customers in Europe are able to get their hands on our products in a more timely manner. I'd like to see us round out our product line a bit. We've done a great job at getting things out for the hard-core gamers but we'd like to offer some more family-friendly titles as well.

IMG: Apple recently announced the Power Mac G5. What are your thoughts on these speed demos?

Al Schilling: While a great deal has been said about the benchmarks for the G5, the real test will be in the final integration of the hardware, the OS, and the 3rd party apps. It looks as though Apple has taken a giant step forward in hardware performance. By all accounts, OSX v 10.3 looks great. If the software developers can take advantage of everything offered by the G5 architecture, we should see some great performance. I can't say I'm thrilled about the video card though.

IMG: Looking forward, what does MacSoft have in store for Mac gamers?

Al Schilling: We're not telling-but it'll be good.

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