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Holiday Buyer's Guide 2002
December 16, 2002 | IMG Staff

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Red Room, Red Room!
The multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor hasn't received the same attention as other games like Wolfenstein, but there's nothing to scoff at here either. Many different modes of online play are available for those who want to take the war online and extend the life of the game.

Medal of Honor does push the Quake 3 engine quite a bit. If you're buying this for a on your list, make sure they've got a system which can play the game well. Mac publisher Aspyr Media recommends a G4 450MHz and a video card with at least 16MB of VRAM, though just like in war, the more powerful the hardware you have, the better off you are. Bottom line: if you know someone who loves a challenging, well-scripted shooter, look no further than Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Matt Diamond)
A must-have for any Star Wars fan who likes computer games (or computer gamer who likes Star Wars), Aspyr Media's Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is a first-person/third-person shooter with plenty of story, exploration, and puzzles. The levels capture the Star Wars “feel” very well, with familiar sights and sounds around every corner. And oh yes, plenty of walkways to fall off of; anyone who has seen the movies knows that they didn’t have guard rails in that galaxy, far, far away.

Best of all, you get to run around the huge levels with blasters, explosives, and a light saber, doing good by doing in evil. You’ve also get to “use the Force”, pushing, pulling, jump-flipping, gripping opponents by the throat, and firing lightning bolts from your fingers. It’s not a perfect game: the system requirements are steep, and you may find yourself restoring your saved games often, and backtracking through a level to find a door you missed. But it’s worth it! Multiplayer Jedi Knight II (compatible with the PC version) is also a blast, and you’ll find plenty of people to play against on the Internet.


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