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One on One with Glenda Adams (Part 11)
September 10, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

Having ported classics such as Air Combat, Links Pro, and Unreal Tournament, Glenda Adams is probably the most well known celebrity in Mac game development. One on One with Glenda Adams, a monthly feature at Inside Mac Games, is essentially a conversation between two old friends talking about various Mac game related topics. The impromptu conversation deals with topics such as the strength of the overall Mac market, OS X, Apple, and more.

Tuncer: Alrighty, well, let's get to the hot topic at hand. As we reported yesterday, Epic has decided to port Unreal Tournament 2003 to the Mac in-house. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Glenda: Obviously we were hoping to have some hand in the development of the Mac version of UT 2003, but I think Epic will do their best to do a great OS X version themselves. In the long run, no matter who ports UT 2003 to the Mac it will benefit us (Westlake) and Mac gamers in general. Once the engine is available on the Mac, we'll be able to look at several projects based on UT2003 as potential Mac games. I'll definitely be following the development with interest- I know the incredible amount of work it took to port the original Unreal, and even the update from Unreal to the original Unreal Tournament was non-trivial.

Tuncer: A post by Epic Mark Rein says they hope to have the Mac version done by Christmas. Do you feel this is realistic?

Glenda: Since I haven't really looked at the code since UT 436, I can't say. If the PC version goes final very soon, I think it could be doable. If the PC version ships very close to Christmas, it will be much more difficult. I guess we'll just wait and see.

Tuncer: Speaking of Unreal Tournament, you've been working on an OS X version of UT for the past few months and have released a few preview versions. Do you plan on releasing any more updates?

Glenda: I'd like to release another update, with some Jaguar specific optimizations. I really just haven't had any time to work on it in the last month or two unfortunately. I've been spending most of my work time and a good bit of over time on EverQuest the last few months, as well as helping out on "Finest Hour". I do feel bad that I haven't been able to do more timely updates on UTX, and will try to get back on it this fall.

Tuncer: Can you give us a few updates on some of the projects Westlake is working on?

Glenda: Everquest is now talking to a server, and we've actually been able to get a couple Macs online that can see and chat with each other. Plus I killed a rat! The very first combat in EQ Mac. Of course later a gnoll pup killed me :(

The Star Wars Battlegrounds expansion, Clone Campaigns, is in final testing, I think we'll send it off for approvals any day.

Jedi Knight II is also getting very close to final, we're squashing the last few bugs.

Chosen One is almost at first playable, Finest Hour is nearing alpha, and Genie #2 is still moving towards first playable.

We've done some good early work on Halo with Gearbox (the PC developer), we're trying to get all of the foundation of the game set up right for overall portability and net play.


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