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Brian Greenstone Talks Bugdom 2
May 17, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

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Over the last few months Pangea Software's Brian Greenstone has been busily working on his new game, Bugdom 2. Scheduled for release in the fall, Bugdom 2 is the sequel to the popular action-adventure game from a few years back.

IMG chatted with Greenstone about Bugdom 2, as well as a few other topics.

IMG: So, Brian, tell us a bit about Bugdom 2. Why did you decided to do Bugdom 2?

Greenstone: Bugdom 2 is more of a spin-off of Bugdom rather than a sequel, so we've put in all new characters, environments, and gameplay. This time we decided to make the game take place around and inside of a house, and we've added a lot more to the adventure aspect of the game since there are other characters who help you along in your journey. Additionally, we loaded the game up with new gameplay. Now that we have much more horsepower at our fingertips we have the capability of doing so much more than we could with the original Bugdom.

We decided to do Bugdom 2 for two main reasons: 1) We constantly get requests for more Bugdom levels, and 2) Bugdom does not run well at all in Classic mode and it cannot be Carbonized, so a new OS X friendly version was really needed.

IMG: Tell us about the development team working on Bugdom 2.

Greenstone: The game design is being done by myself and Duncan Knarr. Duncan is the artist from Otto Matic, and I used to work with him over at Mindscape many years ago. Mike Beckett is doing the music for the game - he's the same guy who did the music for Nanosaur, Bugdom, and Cro-Mag Rally. Up until Bugdom 2, I had been doing all of the character animation myself, and as a result the animation was pretty lame. But this time around, I've hired an actual 3D animator, my brother, Peter Greenstone. He's worked on many major motion pictures doing CG animation. Then of course, I'm doing the programming.

IMG: What are some of the cool features in Bugdom 2?

Greenstone: I don't want to give too much away yet, but you be able to fly, ride in many things (including a slot-car track!), and the enemies are entirely new and do lots of cool attacks. There's a bottle-cap-throwing flea who's really cool! There is even a level where you slide down the house's plumbing - kinda like a water slide of death!

IMG: In our previous interview you said "Well, to be blunt: publishing sucks." Is it true that you will be self-publishing the game? What made you decide to go back to self-publishing?

Greenstone: Yes, publishing does suck, but there's also the old adage that "if you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself." Bugdom is too important for me to risk letting someone else screw it up, so we're most likely going to self-publish it. That's not written in stone yet, but I'm definitely leaning that way.

IMG: What kind of Mac will you need to run Bugdom 2?

Greenstone: As of now, it seems to run fine on my old G3/266 with a Rage 128 card in it, so I'm thinking that'll be the bottom requirements. However, it's best run on a G4/400 with a Radeon card. Runs like a dream on my dual-gig G4 with an 8500 card!


Archives  Features  Brian Greenstone Talks Bugdom 2