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Brian Greenstone Talks Bugdom 2
May 17, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

IMG: What's been the most difficult part in developing Bugdom 2 so far?

Greenstone: Oh, that's an easy one... coming up with new ideas that we didn't do in Bugdom 1. My main goal with Bugdom 2 was to be sure we didn't just milk the old game and reuse burned out ideas. I want everything to be unique an new, so we're having to come up with all new bug ideas which is pretty challenging.

IMG: Looking back, how do you think your previous game, Otto Matic, turned out?

Greenstone: I was playing it the other day, and I still think Otto is the best game we've ever done. Unfortunately, it was poorly marketed so I don't think that anyone knows the game even exists. That's part of why I want to self-publish Bugdom 2. I know I can do a superb marketing job with it since I was so successful with the marketing for the other games. Otto has been very well received from the few people who know about it, so perhaps it will end up being a sleeper hit as the word gets out.

IMG: Last time we chatted, Mac OS X 10.1 had just come out. What are you thoughts on OS X these days? Are you excited about 10.2?

Greenstone: I've gotten used to OS X's little glitches and it's pretty easy to work with it now. I've even got support for the HID Manager in Bugdom 2, so it'll finally work with input devices. 10.2 sounds like it'll be pretty cool, but the stuff I'm most interested in aren't the big features, but rather the little things like pop-up folders and the other OS 9ish features.

IMG: What do you think of the new flat-panel iMacs?

Greenstone: Most excellent! I'm somewhat neutral on the design, but under the hood it's a totally rockin' machine! Very game-capable.

IMG: If you were Steve Jobs for a day, what would you do?

Greenstone: Sell all my stock, quit my job(s), buy my own island in the South Pacific, and start packing...

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Archives  Features  Brian Greenstone Talks Bugdom 2