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Friday, July 26th, 2002  

Welcome To The Jungle.
1:45 AM EST | Brad Custer

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MWNY 2002, as always, was an eventful occassion. It was my second Macworld Expo in New York and fourth expo in a row. Seeing everyone in the industry again was great, but I spent most of my time in meetings. I also made sure to secure some artwork for the cornucopia of new games shown at the show. Hopefully, in the weeks to come I'll be able to feature some of them.

This week's desktop selection was inspired by the MWNY Expo. This tradition started last year at the expo. The feature of the keynote was the upcoming update to Mac OS X. Referred to by its code name, Jaguar, Mac OS X v10.2 is a different breed of operating system. Jaguar combines the rock-solid reliability of UNIX with the ease of use of Macintosh. This version of Mac OS X is as innovative as the computers that run it. Jaguar contains over 150 new features and provides significant enhancements to its modern, UNIX-based foundation. When the new Jaguar X was revealed, I knew I had to create a desktop for it.

I researched the apple web site looking for a straight on product shot much like the free posters they were giving out at the Apple area, but I couldn't find one. Luckily, They did have a product shot of the box that had the X on it and I ran with that. So, next week I'll return to the regularly scheduled game desktop, but I wanted to do a desktop for the upcoming OS X release. This week's selection is titled, "Wildly Innovative", and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. ;)

The other major announcement was the release of the 17-inch widescreen iMac. This new iMac has the feel of a gamer's machine at an affordable price. It also introduced a new screen size, 1440x900, which I know I will be getting a lot of requests for so I added it to the line-up. That's right there will now be 11 sizes to choose from! :)

You can view my web site layout here.

Until then...

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