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Friday, September 3, 2004  

Shoot'em Up.
12:00 AM EST | Brad Custer

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In Active Lancer from Freeverse and de software join the Lancer Squad, an elite team of flight capable soldiers, on their current mission to defeat the diabolical war machine of an alien army bent on taking over the universe. Taking the battle to the alien factories over the diverse landscapes of their home world, Active Lancer pits you against wave after wave of alien ships, tanks, boats, and gun turrets over 15 levels of increasing intensity. It's straight up vertical scrolling arcade shooter action.

Where do I insert the quarters to play? ;)

I think it speaks well for the Mac gaming community as a whole when I miss making a desktop for a game because there are too many requested by the viewers. Active Lancer from Freeverse and de software is one such title that slipped through the cracks. I'm rectifying this oversight here and now. Being a fan of science fiction I enjoy every chance I get to make a desktop based in outer space. So, with artwork provided by Freeverse and de software I created this desktop based on the Lancer Squad. I simply entitled this week's feature, "Vertical", and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

Everyone be sure to keep those requests coming in.

Until then...

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