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Friday, September 6th, 2002  

Grab Your Guns.
12:00 AM EST | Brad Custer

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Hit the streets of New York in the latest release from Macsoft as Max Payne, a man with nothing to lose fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. You'll struggle to survive as you attempt to uncover who framed you for a murder you did not commit, dodging the cops and fighting your way through New York's brutal underworld.

Max Payne's powerful graphics engine provides a solid foundation for a groundbreaking gameplay experience, while the hard-boiled plot ensures an emotional roller coaster ride bound to keep you glued to the screen as you hunt your enemies through the mean streets of the city. Add to this the innovative "Bullet Time" feature, allowing you to slow down time at strategic points to give you an edge in combat, and adaptive AI which adjusts the game difficulty to your playing style and skill level, providing you with just the right challenge.

From beginning to end, Max Payne will amaze you.

After the release of the game at MWNY, Max Payne has been requested weekly by all the fans out there. Since it has been nearly a year after my last offering for the game I decided to revisit it one more time to satisfy all your desktop needs. This week's offering allowed me to use the Godgame's E3 Media CD for some high quality art. That disk has been a lifesaver at times. :) I entitled it "Undercover Cop" and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

You can view my web site layout here.

Until then...

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