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Wednesday, December 26, 2001  

Your Worst Nightmare.
12:30 PM EST | Brad Custer

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In Aliens vs. Predator - Gold Edition you chase, hide or advance in over 40 levels of the most nightmarish, chillingly detailed futuristic environment your mind could ever imagine in this recent release from MacPlay. Now the three most ferocious species in the universe are pitted against one another in a battle for the ultimate prize- survival.

Choose to be a Colonial Marine, a Predator, or an Alien as you make your way through horrifyingly suspenseful environments ranging from spaceships and colonial bases to spacestations and eerie planetscapes. One wrong move turns you from hunter into prey. Your species is counting on you.

Does it get any better than this? ;D

It's been awhile since the release of Aliens vs. Predator - Gold Edition, but I didn't load my copy until this past weekend and I've been having a blast. So far I've only tried out being a Marine, but I'm sure I'll try each class real soon. There is something eerie to me about the sound of that motion detector as it picks up movement. That might carry over from my childhood. ;D "Species" was the logically title for this week's desktop since it features all three. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Custer's Corner was on another hiatus for the holidays. However, you can still check out my personal site's layout at Custer's Corner Layout.

Until then...

Aliens Vs. Predator Official Site
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