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Friday, June 17, 2005  

Endless Creative Possibilities.
12:00 AM EST | Brad Custer

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In The Sims 2 from Maxis, you direct your Sims over a lifetime and mix their genes from one generation to the next. You set your Sims' goals in life; fame, fortune, family, romance or knowledge. Give them a long, successful existence or leave their lives in shambles. Take them to extremes, from getting busted to seeing a ghost, from marrying an alien to writing a great novel. Unleash your creativity with the all-new Create-A-Sim, new building options, and the new in-game movie camera. Get ready to mix their genes, fulfill their dreams, and push them to extremes. What do you want to do with your Sims' lives?

Their lives are in your hands. Finally, I can run someone's life. ;)

With The Sims 2 from Aspyr hitting the shelves today, it's time to pay homage to this title again. I'm sure it is destined to be an instant classic like the first one and as soon as my update this week is done I plan on trying it out. So, with the help of Aspyr Media and Electronic Arts I was able to create this week's wallpaper. I simply entitled this selection, "Real World", and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

Everyone be sure to keep those requests coming in!

Until then...

IMG Preview: The Sims 2
MacGameStore: Order The Sims 2
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