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Monday, October 15, 2001  

The Wolf Age.
1:00 PM EST | Brad Custer

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Myth III: The Wolf Age, is the third installment in the critically acclaimed and highly successful Myth franchise. Myth III, a prequel to the original game, is set one thousand years before the coming of the Fallen Lords. The world of Myth is on the brink of destruction. The race of devils known as the Myrkridia had single-handedly hunted the lands of humanity to near extinction.

Final candidate for Macsoft's upcoming Myth III: The Wolf Agewas announced last friday by lead programmer, Andrew Meggs. With this exciting news I decided to dive head first into the realm of Myth. During E3, I was able to lay claims to the collector item - a GodGames Press Kit. It was a hard decision which art to use, but I finally pulled several pieces together to create this desktop. "The Once And Future King" was a combination of box art and game art provided by the cd and the internet. I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I did making it.

The layout is now finished on Custer's Corner. I repeat the layout is now finished!! The What's New section will be up later this week once I do a few graphics a complete the html for it. This is very exciting news! :)

Until then...

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