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Monday, August 20, 2001  

Clash Of The Titans.
3:30 PM EST | Brad Custer

Click to enlarge

Last week confirmed the exciting news that Feral Interactive would be porting the highly anticipated Black & White. I'm looking forward to this game and the idea of "playing god" appeals to me. ;D But, the ingenious of the game doesn't stop there. You also control a titan that comes in many different animal forms that will do your bidding. There's something about a 500 foot cow running loose that just screams, "FUN!"

With all of this in mind, I just knew that this week I had to create a desktop in honor of this announcement. :) I did a couple of quick internet searches and I found a plethora of great art to use in creating this week's masterpiece. It was hard to choose which titans to use, but when I settled on the background then the five you see before you just fit perfectly into the color scheme. Once all was said and done this creation just needed a name and "Monstrosity just seemed to fit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

"Custer's Corner" made a small amount of progression this week, but it didn't quite keep up to schedule. Curse my heavy work load! I promise next week there will be something new for you to see even if it's just a screen shot of the design, but it will be up. :) I'll remain positive and really push myself to advance this site to the next level. So, keep checking that site because it does update. Eventually. ;D

Finally, stop by the new IMG Forums and be sure to voice your opinion about what desktops you'd like to see next. I've been receiving a great number of suggestions and I hope to be able to create each and every one of them. :) It seems a few "retro" desktops are definitely in order.

Until then...

Feral Interactive Ltd
Lionhead Studios
Black & White Official Site
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Custer's Corner


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