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Monday, February 25, 2002  

Invading A Desktop Near You.
7:30 AM EST | Brad Custer

Click to enlarge

In Return To Castle Wolfenstein from Aspyr Media you are B.J. Blazkowicz a highly decorated Army Ranger who faces a cornicopia of enemies. One said enemy is the Venom Soldier who wields devastating firepower. In close combat, no other fighting man can deal out so much damage in so short a time. Whether armed with his fearsome Flamethrower or deadly Venom Weapon (from which he gets his name) he is without equal for sheer destructiveness. And thanks to his durable, lightweight body armor, he can take a beating as well as give one. The Venom Soldier is truly a deadly adversary.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein was original due this holiday season, but Santa Claus came and went with no such german treat. It seems that any day now we'll have the news from Aspyr Media that the game has gone Gold Master and shortly after that it will be arriving on our door steps. :)

I can't wait.

In anticipation of game's arrival I wanted to create a desktop that celebrated it's arrival. I accessed the archives in my own grey matter to remember the vivid image of Nazi troops marching from history classes. Once I had this vision it was just a matter of using pixels to bring it to life. The desktop is titled, "March Madness", since I'm an optimistic. I strongly believe we'll see it this month. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

Custer's Desktops and Custer's Corner will be on hiatus until after March 1st to allow me time to pack and move. Thanks for being so understanding. You can still check out the layout for my personal site at Custer's Corner Layout.

Until then...

Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
id Software
Gray Matter Studios, Inc.
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
IMG Preview: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
MGF: Download Wolf MP Test 2 for OS X (64.7 MB)
Pre-Order Return to Castle Wolfenstein for $44
Custer's Corner


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