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Monday, June 18, 2001  

Summer Blockbuster.
7:30 PM EST | Brad Custer

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Like a lot of my fellow Amercians this weekend I went to see Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. I would like to give Amy "Go See Tomb Raider" Torres some credit for inspiring me to see this movie, but I've been wanting to see it since the rumors first surfaced that it was going to be made. I remember early discussions via the internet casting Demi Moore as Lara Croft and to be honest I am glad that the role ended up in Angelina Jolie's lap instead. As with Lara Croft, it seems that people either hate or love Angelina Jolie. I for one enjoy her performances. Yes, she does tend to lean a little to the bizzare side in some of her roles and her personal life, but if she's good enough for Billy Bob then she's good enough for me. ;D

I've enjoyed Tomb Raider since the original game was released on the PC. I remember the first time I came across the cave with the T-Rex in it. When I saw that giant beast charging at me - I was hooked! I was sad to see the apparent demise of Lara in Last Revelation, but I am excited that Tomb Raider: Chronicles seems to be only weeks away from shipping and I'll be able to explore the realm of Tomb Raider again.

This week's desktop was one that I've been looking forward to doing. I enjoy going to the movies almost as much as I do playing a good game on the computer. So, when the two realms cross each other then you can bet I'll be there to do a desktop for it. The offficial web site for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider provides a nice collection of desktops for users to download. I decided I wanted to create one that would fit in with them almost seamlessly, which I feel I was able to do and I titled this week's creation, "Lady Croft". I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

On a personal note, thanks for all the great email about our newest family member, Belle. She's quickly adapting to her new life and infact as I type this she's sleeping in her crate after a long day. I should have time this week to pull a picture off the digital camera to share with you next week.

A few weeks ago I unveiled the teaser trailer for my new web site. You can visit my personal site and see the teaser at Custer's Corner. Just a friendly warning that it does use the Quicktime Plug-in and you might want to be sure to have a Broadband connection because the .MOV file is 1.8 megs. This will be the last week for the trailer to be up. Next week the main title graphic will be added. :)

Until then...

Tomb Raider: The Movie
Aspyr Media
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