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Friday, March 7, 2003  

12:00 AM EST | Brad Custer

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In The Sims: Vacation from Aspyr Media, pack your bags because you're taking the Sims on the vacation of a lifetime. Better yet, the first Vacation of a lifetime. Enjoy beautiful, fully customizable destinations such as Vacation Island's serene tropical beach resort, rustic woodland hideaway or the cool winter wonderland. Whether they're embarking on a relaxing family adventure or hooking up on a romantic getaway, your Sims will discover that dull moments are as scarce as frowning faces.

So saddle up, get the neighbors to watch the house and take the Sims on a holiday getaway they'll never forget.

Where's the Chevy Chase Sim when you need him? ;)

I can finally honor another long-standing request with a desktop from The Sims: Vacation. I went into the vault of Sims art recently acquired to create this week's wallpaper. The Sims were some of my first official desktops that I created for our gaming community so each time I can do one it means a little more to me. I tried to capture the feel of some of my first work in this offering. I simply entitled it "Getaway" and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

Everyone be sure to keep those requests coming in.

Until then...

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