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Monday, August 6, 2001  

Sci-Fi Celebrity Deathmatch.
8:57 AM EST | Brad Custer

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Anticipation. This is a term that most Mac gamers are very familiar with. Infact, it's probably the best way to sum up the waiting period for Alien Vs. Predator to be officially released for the Mac. Some users have given up hope on this title, but there are a few die hard fans, like myself, that have never lost hope. With the recent buzz at MWNY about this title it seems even more popular than ever. So, I wasn't too surprised when I recently received an email request for this desktop, which I was more than happy to fulfill. :) Now, last week I released my desktop for The Sims - House Party and that same day Aspyr Media made the official announcement of the game's release. Hopefully, this trend will continue and there will be an announcement about AvP, but don't hold your breath. ;D

I'm a fan of both movies so when I first heard of this game I was really excited about it. One of my favorite scenes from Aliens is when Bill Paxton is losing it and gives his little "Game Over" speech. Infact, that was the inspiration for this week's desktop. The space marine in this desktop is obviously very focused on the target in front of him, but he doesn't notice the baddies behind him. Game over for him. I hope you enjoy this desktop as much as I did making it. :)

"Custer's Corner" received a lot of attention this week. Woohoo! The title graphic has been up for a few weeks and now that MWNY is over I can hopefully devote some more time to it. There's still a little html work to do, but I will address that this week. This will be the hub to my web site once it's mapped and guide you to all the sections that my site will have. I've been feverishly working on the page layout and the graphics and design of this are progressing nicely. Infact, I hope to have a preview up in a week or so when the what's new section officially opens. :)

Finally, stop by the new IMG Forums and be sure to voice your opinion about what desktops you'd like to see next. :)

Until then...

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