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Friday, December 1, 2006  

Furry Little Friends.
8:30 AM EST | Brad Custer

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In the latest expansion pack,The Sims 2 Pets, from Aspyr Media, the addition of a new friend is guaranteed to enrich the daily lives of your Sims! Not only will players have the opportunity to choose from a variety of existing breeds, and hot designer mixes, but they'll also be able to personally design their new friend with the Create-a-Pet feature. Choose your Sims pet's body shape, unique markings, even the pet's personality! With so many different animals to choose from, there's no telling what unpredictable experiences could occur!

Create the Perfect Pet for Your Sims! :)

The recent release of The Sims 2 Pets from Aspyr Media has flooded my inbox with requests from all the pet lovers out there. I've always enjoyed creating desktops for this series because the original game was my first venture into the world of creating desktops for the public. I was able to make this wallpaper with the help of Aspyr Media. I simply entitled this selection, "Domestic", and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

Everyone be sure to keep those requests coming in.

Until then...

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