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Friday, October 18th, 2002  

The Final War.
12:00 AM EST | Brad Custer

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In Earth 2140, the release from e.p.i.c. interactive, the year is 2140. After numerous wars and several environmental disasters, only two world powers remain; theUnited Civilized States (UCS) covering the American continent, Western Europe and North Africa, and the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) covering the coherent landmasses of Eastern Europe and Asia. The damage caused by the long wars led both world powers to evacuate the population to recently built underground cities.

Natural resources are becoming scarce and have to be extracted above ground. There have been a number of small conflicts between the UCS and the ED, the last of which escalated and became a fierce and bitter war - the final world war. Only one side can win. This final war will decide who will get the last of the available natural resources and ultimately rule the world.

World domination. Does it get any better than this? ;)

Earth 2140 has been a request resurfacing in my email for awhile now. With the help of the gang at e.p.i.c. interactive and their generous supply of art I was able to create this week's desktop. I entitled it "Apocalypse" and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. :)

The prep work for my new layout is under way and there will be something up soon for you to view.

Until then...

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Earth 2140
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