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Trying to get an old wheel to work with new Mac games
Hi everyone,

I have an old Logitech Wingman Formula GP wheel that my Mac recognizes yet none of the games I have recently downloaded work. those games being F1 2016, Dirt 4 and GRID Autosport.

Funny thing is, Dirt 4 actually recognizes the wheel enough to list it, but none of the controls work.

To date, the only way I can get them to work is by using Controller, an app that allows you to link key strokes to the wheels input. However, as you might have already thought of, it treats the wheel like a digital controller, which isn't ideal.

Is there anything out there that utilized the ability to use the analogue input correctly or is there a way to emulate another wheel with software?

I am able to use this wheel with Speed Dreams and it works quite well! I just wish it would work like this for my other games.

I had the same wheel (in fact thinking about it that might still be in a cupboard somewhere) and had to move on to a later wheel for the same reason.

For the titles you mention another old wheel could likely be picked up cheap - I think the old Momo wheel worked with those.

Yes. I have thought about the Momo wheel as it is listed as compatible.

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