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InnerSpace save location change?
Hey all!

Does anyone know if the Mac save game location (Steam version) for InnerSpace changed at some point? Officially, the location is supposed to be: ~Library/Application Support/unity.PolyKnight Games.InnerSpace. There IS a save file there, but both it AND that folder were created a few days, when I booted it up for the first time in ages. My last time playing was last June, I think (it has been overwritten since I tried launching it). So, backups etc. of that folder don't even exist, at least as far back as I have them (which unfortunately isn’t all the way back to last June.

I had a lengthy support thread with Aspyr and Steam about this. Aspyr is adamant that the save location never changed, but they were also initially adamant that the game supported Steam Cloud saves. Steam Support pointed out that this feature was disabled at some point by Aspyr, to which Aspyr finally agreed when pressed, although they were unable to offer a reason. Point is, I am wondering if my old save game (which seems to have disappeared, as it’s not available in the load menu) is buried somewhere. I have poked around Application Support, Documents, Caches, etc., with no luck.

I guess I’ll just start a new game (glad it isn’t an RPG!), but I thought I’d ask here too! Thanks!

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