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Free Mac (and occasionally Windows) games
I don't think we have a dedicated thread for this, so in order to make things easier to find in the future, here is one.

First entry: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is free the next 45 hours at Humble Bundle. It gives you a Steam key.

PLEASE NOTE that the "free" games requires linking your Steam account (same with GOG's "free" games).

Okay, not a Mac game, but still a free AAA game. And I guess you could find a wrapper for it, or play it using Nvidias new streaming service: Homefront at Humble Bundle.

Company of Heroes 2 free from Humble Bundle the next 2 days! Steam key as usual.

If you don't mind Uplay, I think Ubisoft is giving away AC IV for a time. I forget the particulars as I own it on console already but I just saw this the other day and I think it's still valid if anyone wants to go check it out. For what's it's worth, while I'm not a fan of redundant game clients I never had any issues with Uplay myself in the few times I used it aside of needing to update whatever version of it installed on a Steam purchased game requiring it which would not apply here.

Yeah, I grabbed that one already, but will likely never play it although i really want to (Windows). They gave away AC3 last year, so got that one too.

I started playing AC's fun. First AC game I've played since Brotherhood, and the only one I really have any interest in playing. Because pirates and sea combat.

I hadn't used uPlay in years and it's actually not that bad. A few wonky UI decisions, but it properly supports 4K resolutions and doesn't look like it's from the 90's, unlike Steam.

Layers of Fear on Humble Bundle, free for 2 days (Including a soundtrack).

Good luck with dat

will check those out

(03-06-2018, 12:21 AM)M4cr Wrote: will check those out

So, since you didn't actually read the posts, and all your posts in the forum are short, based on keywords in each thread, and quite pointless, I will hereby smack you with the big red 'spam user' stamp in the forehead. Prove me wrong please!

And by "Prove me wrong please" he means a post simply saying you are not a spammer is needed. Otherwise, I'll ban you. Simple, direct, time saving.

Good cop bad cop routine. Classic.

[Image: good-cop-bad-cop.jpg]

Yeah, that's totally us!

[Image: img2.jpg?raw=1]

Humble Bundle is offering Spec Ops: The Line for free for the next day or so.

(03-29-2018, 06:25 PM)Matt Diamond Wrote: Humble Bundle is offering Spec Ops: The Line for free for the next day or so.

Thanks Matt. I sent this along to my nephews who will enjoy it I think.

Satellite Reign is free on the Humble Store for the next ~48 hours.

The Flame in the Flood is free on GOG the next 46 hours. Another Steam key.


Hmm I don't see GOG here, only Steam.

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