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The IMG Historical Archive is back!
After much time away, the Inside Mac Games Historical Archive is back in action. Well, sort of!

Because of the age of the prior code and website, it had to be shut down for security's sake. I won't go into the gory details of just how dangerous its old php code was, but lets just say .... things were simpler back in the 90s.

So our very own Matt Diamond took up a monumental project of pouring through the old site and turning it into a nice and clean self-linked html collection. Every page, and view, and article was turned into a standard html file, eliminating all PHP and database ties!

It can now stand the test of time, since there is no underlying tech to worry about... html is as html does.

Now, there are a few things in the archive which will end up on a 404 (page not found). Unavoidable on some things, and with others it was just a loss of data (like the "User Comments" on articles, which all went to a long dead forum code). Don't worry though, all the actual good guts are still there (who cares about comments ?! ... wait, I'm commenting right now! ARGH).

So, head on over, and enjoy a trip down memory lane... its amazing what things we all got excited about back then!
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I'm pleased to have helped! IMG was a labor of love by many people, so I felt an obligation to help preserve some of it.

I do recommend browsing the old articles and news. I find it somewhat addicting, which did slow down the conversion a bit. :-) It brings back many memories of games and the community.
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