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Offical Mac MMO list.
I was think that it would be very handy if we had a sticky with all the MMOs available to mac on it.

Also with RED text for monthly fee and GREEN text for free..

I guess I'll start, please add to it.

Note an '*' means you can get a free trial to the game.

Adellion In Alpha stage.

*Clan Lord

*Everquest : How-To DL/Activate



*Minions of Mirth

*Myst Online: Uru Live:

Restlessworld In Alpha stage.

*A Tale in the Desert:

*Toontown Online


World Of Warcraft

WWII online

*Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Dungeons & Dragons Online *subscription upgrade available*

The Lord of the Rings Online *subscription upgrade available*


Dofus World Access limited depending on Subscription.

Eternal Lands - *note for Mac version please right click save as here*

First Star Online 2


Ogre Island

PlaneShift *Currently in Alpha stage, includeds some Macside bugs for more info check their forums*

Puzzle Pirates *subscription upgrade available*

RuneScape *subscription upgrade available*

Second Life


Wurm Online

Please post a link the MMO and I will add it to the main list. Also it would be good if a mod could sticky this too.

Minions of Mirth (currently in alpha). Multiple player online and single player online/offline. Not sure what the pay structure is going to be on this. There may be a nominal monthly fee for the High Prairie Games server, when everything is up and running.

A Tale in the Desert: (free 24 hour trial, US$13.95 per month)

Clan Lord


nice list hope it grows cuase I love these kind of games.

I'll sticky this Dark uk. After a while you will no longer be able to edit your original post. When that happens just PM me when there is an addition and I'll do it for you.


Very well developed Java MMO, with both free and subscription service.


Definitely a different experience than your typical fantasy MMORPG.

Kingdom of Loathing

It may be browser based, but this game is hilarious and has a pretty cool community.

Puzzle Pirates -

This game is free to play, but there are certain restrictions unless you pay the monthly fee. Such as not being able to to own your own ship, become an officer, etc. You can certainly get a feel for the game on the free model, though.

Second Life

[COLOR=green]Eternal Lands[/COLOR=green] (note: at this point to get the Mac version, you'll have to visit the forums)

people are still playing Lineage? that game has the craziest clickkillclickkillclickkill level grind i've ever known.

(05-25-2005, 09:09 AM)Blorx Wrote:[COLOR=green]Eternal Lands[/COLOR=green] (note: at this point to get theĀ  Mac version, you'll have to visit the forums)


Could you be a bit more specific? You can download the source but I can't find any instructions for the mac.

Its ok BadgerHunter it will be added to the list shortly with a direct link to the Mac download.

I tryed it out, cant really say I like it though.

Everquest is where it's at man! For people looking for a mature server base population, and some serious content (this game is 20X the real estate of WoW), EQ is your game.

It's different than the PVP experience of Shadowbane, and the casualness of WoW.

In EQ, you find friends who you can become great Heros with! Your great deeds are known by what you can acheive together, not who you can kill. And yes, having one server for Mac only players is actually AWESOME!!! It makes for a tight community, where respect and honor is of upmost importance for success. Politicals would love this game, and support has been at a whole new level this past year.

The graphic improvements (while not going to conquer WoW) have been good. It's looks nice.

This MMO is HUGE!

You can go to SOE, but I also wanna point you in a great direction.

One of the best things about the Mac community bar-non, and only second to for Mac gamers! Come join the party!

(05-25-2005, 06:13 PM)Dark uk Wrote:Its ok BadgerHunter it will be added to the list shortly with a direct link to the Mac download.[right][snapback]213723[/snapback][/right]

Keep in mind that there will be a built in delay in adding anything to the list. The grace period allowing Dark uk to edit his original post has expired and he now needs to PM me with the changes he wants. Just saying that so you don't blame him for all the delays.

Would any of these work on a 400 MHz iMac w/8 MB Rage Orion?

Well thats what the links are for but I think these all should:

Clan Lord

Arcane Arena

Ogre Island

Puzzle Pirates


I hope you dont want good graphics anyway . I've tryed afew of them out and I'd say Arcane Arena and Orge Island were my favs.

(05-27-2005, 06:54 PM)Dark uk Wrote:I hope you dont want good graphics anyway . I've tryed afew of them out and I'd say Arcane Arena and Orge Island were my favs.


From the Arcane Arena web site:

The Arcane Arena, after a Massively Multiplayer run and an uncountable number of dungeon monster's vanquished, is no longer for sale or online. We are investigating ways to give it a new life-- or perhaps opened up for fans and hobbyists so let us know your thoughts. Thanks for playing!

If you purchased Arcane Arena any time after April 15th, 2004 and would like a full refund, just contact Customer Support.

(05-27-2005, 01:35 PM)XxtraLarGe Wrote:Would any of these work on a 400 MHz iMac w/8 MB Rage Orion?


Clan Lord should, provided you get the OS9 version. It's strictly 2D with minimal graphics and sound effects, but if you're willing to put the time and effort into it, you may end up liking it:

Clan Lord currently only runs on Apple Macintosh computers. The requirements are 32 megs of RAM and system 7.5 or higher. A 100 MHz PowerPC or faster is recommended.

Clan Lord is meety lots of new people too...they can be very funny at times...I had made a friend on there...but then he stopped showing up, so I did too...I soon trashed don't have to pay if you don't wanna save your char, btw

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