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Insult the knucklehead who just posted
Since Askilfeasd asked me to lock his word association thread I thought I start this new forum game. The rules to this game are simple. All you do is insult the last guy who posted in the form of:

^ crosses legs like a girl when he sits.

Remember, it's all in fun so please don't take it personally or intend anything to actually be hurtful. Avoid the usual hate speech junk and profanities. In other words, fight nice but be inventive and take liberties. Have at it you knuckleheads.

^Doesn't have opposable thumbs.

^Sits down to pee.

^reduced mac game coverage in his magazine.


^ Has a poodle as an avatar.

^Doesn't like poodles

^ Is a genuinely nice human being

^ doesn't know when to shutup.

^Defended Macsoft

^Is an IMG Writer.

^asked TBC to lock up his own thread.

^ collects used souls

^ is this thread's unlucky poster

^ superstitious

^lives on a cloud with Chimpanzeez , michael jacksons old pet monkey and a bottle of chocolate milk

^ Doesn't like ROOT BEER - traitor to civilization!

^ Likes Root Beer and eats more babies than a Nazi.

I really like all of you and can't think of a single bad thing to say.

Except maybe for tBC, he's kind of a freak.

^Wuss who probably doesnt quite understand the point of this game

(no offence LB. I still like you )

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