March 26, 2019
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Publisher: Ambrosia Software    Genre: Simulation
Min OS X: 10.2

October 5, 2006 | Franklin Pride

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Look at all the reflections.....
Redline Racing is one of the best games for the Macintosh I have played in the last year. Unlike most racing sims, it tries to be extremely realistic and have greatly entertaining arcade-style action. For the most part, all the single player racing is done in realistic mode, but you can easily dive into a race with the AI and test your arcade skills as well.

There are four modes to play in Redline: Challenge, Time Trial, Quick Race, and Multiplayer. Challenge is a realistic test of driving skill with a car for its reward. The main goal of Challenge is to get gold in all the events in order to achieve a very "special" car. Time Trial is a test of your racing skills as you attempt to beat the worldwide hall of fame. Quick Race is just as it sounds, and is where you can test your realistic, arcade, or turbo arcade skills vs. up to eleven computer opponents. Multiplayer is where this game really shines, though. Usually multiple games are going and the champions of the hall of fame are often awaiting your challenge. The only slight aggravation is when someone is trying out their gold reward, as there's no way to beat that car unless you own one yourself.

Gameplay: Beaten Pars and Flying Cars
This game is all about speed and the damage that speed will cause you. You are constantly battling with physics in Redline, and it isn't uncommon to find yourself flipping through the air due to a poorly taken turn. This may be annoying to those who prefer arcade-style gameplay. Thankfully, there's an arcade and turbo arcade mode. The beauty of this game's system is that you can change the mode to these two with ease.

Personally, I prefer the simulation mode. The realistic physics separate the good drivers from those who don't know what a brake is. One thing is certain, if you don't use the brakes you'll rediscover the force of inertia. That force will send your car flying through the air, flipping sideways, and skidding along the road upside down. I truly enjoy the simulation physics. I've always enjoyed ending races with a wacky stunt and these physics allow me to do that with ease.

Not that the arcade modes aren't entertaining in their own ways, however. If you want to relax after taking fifty hairpin turns, the arcade modes are very soothing. You hardly have to worry about inertia, as you can take all the turns at about one-hundred miles per hour. Turbo is even more entertaining. Your car will accelerate to maximum velocity in no time, and you'll be able to truly appreciate what the world looks like when going over two-hundred miles per hour. It's very blurry.


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