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MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz (15 Inch)
April 13, 2006 | Eddie Park

Enough about how it looks, sounds, and tastes (metallic, for those wondering). How well does it important apps like Doom and UT?

For the record, I'm going to focus strictly on benchmarking games running on the MacBook. For those wanting CineBench and XBench numbers, there are plenty of Mac and PC sites out there that have already run these tests with complete thoroughness, including comparisons to other machines that I will probably never own. I recommend Macologist's Intel Mac Benchmark Smorgasbord (http://www.macologist.org/showthread.php?t=2602) for those interested in real world-type tests.

Unreal Tournament 2004
First up are some numbers on UT2k4 version 3369.2. I used the Santaduck Standard Bench app, selecting Botmatch mode on the map DM-Inferno under a variety of resolutions at both minimum and maximum settings with sound enabled. I ran each resolution three times and took the average fps from the results.

Minimum Settings

Maximum Settings

Inferno is one of the more demanding maps that Santaduck allows for selection, which is why I chose it. Even at max settings, all the resolutions available to the MacBook put up respectable numbers, and I regularly play at 1440x900 under the default graphics settings with no problems, other than my lack of skill.

Doom 3
Next up, Doom 3. I used the latest version currently available to me (1.3 Rev A) and tested at both Low Quality and High Quality settings in fullscreen mode. Low Quality settings used were with all of the advanced options turned off. High Quality settings used in this case were with most of the advanced options turned on, save anti-aliasing. I used the included demo1 timedemo for testing purposes.

Low Quality Settings

High Quality Settings

Doom3 offers a wider spread of resolution options, allowing me to run more numbers. On advice gleaned at Bare Feats, I ran each demo four times, ignoring the results from the first run, for more accurate numbers. I declined running tests in Ultra Quality mode, as this mode is reportedly designed for graphics cards with 512MB of memory.

For the record, Doom 3's auto-recommender handed me Medium Quality settings at 800x600. Changing the resolution to 800x500 yielded an acceptable 48 fps average.


Archives  Reviews  MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz (15 Inch)