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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Action    Expansion For: Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
Min OS X: Any Version

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
November 5, 2004 | Eric Ford

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Hot off the heals of the introduction of Battlefield 1942 to the Macintosh world comes the second expansion pack for the title. Brought over by the wonderful folks at Aspyr, Secret Weapons of WWII strives to add more of what has made the series incredibly popular in the PC world. Boasting more maps, a plethora of new vehicles and weapons, an all-new multiplayer mode, and a jet pack, Secret Weapons is sure to keep you poor Battlefield addicts out there glued to your computer chair. But will it feature enough of an upgrade to entice the casual gamer? Read on to find out.

In With The New. .
Secret Weapons of WWII plays exactly like the original Battlefield 1942 first-person shooter (what company would ever want to mess with success?). Players are charged with choosing between several army classes and beating the hell out of the opposing team (Allies or Axis) in giant, well-done maps. All the past game play modes are intact, and all the classic weapons and vehicles are available for use (see our wonderful IMG review on the original title for more information).

New to the Battlefield world with this expansion pack is the "Objective" mode. This multiplayer variation hopes to add some strategic elements to the occasionally frantic online experience by having players focus on assault and defense of specific points on the map instead of the usual free-for-all fest of 'Conquest' mode. Basically, on each new map that supports Objective mode (six of the new eight support it) the Allies take the offense and try to infiltrate the Axis base and destroy the objectives inside. Mission goals range from destroying U.F.O. prototypes in a secret hangar to infiltrating a mountain hideaway and stealing documents from a heavily secured base. I don't believe this new mode will be converting any hardcore Conquest players any time soon, but for players out there looking for a twist on the usual multiplayer madness, it's worth checking out.

The next big addition in Secret Weapons of WWII is the introduction of new weapons and vehicles that add even more options to create destruction and carnage. Every addition is supposed to be modeled after actual (or at least supposedly) designs that existed during WWII (some of them weren't used until late in the actual war, or even at all). New weapons included are an automatic shotgun, grenade launcher, silenced automatic submachine guns, and throwing knives that have insta-kill quality. The addition of 15 new vehicles is where this expansion really shines. Motorcycles, super tanks, and anti-air armed vehicles join extremely fast aircraft (transports, interceptors and bombers) and new and improved sea transports. The jet pack, perhaps one of the most interesting vehicle additions, provides lots of fun but is limited to only three of the new maps. All the new weapons and vehicles add variety to the mix, but have been balanced enough that there is no "super item" that beats all. Big thumbs up to the developers for working on that.


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