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Manufacturer: Apple

PowerBook G4 1.33 GHz (15 inch)
June 8, 2004 | Johan Hansén

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Apple continues to use a one button trackpad, originally introduced in the days of the 680x0 processors, and I’m glad they do. I love the precision and feel of the trackpads, even if they’re not very good for games. The computer has two USB 2.0 ports, so gamers can easily connect gamepads, joysticks and mice at their leisure. Actually, most users should connect a mouse, because even if the precision of the trackpad is good enough for normal work, Apple continues to hang on to their one-button-madness. I would even be able to excuse them for crippling the iBooks in this way, since they’re aimed at new and educational users, but the PowerBooks are aimed at professionals. While I prefer using an 8-button mouse from Logitech over the trackpad, there are several occasions where this is not possible, and then I still want the two buttons I use the most.

Battery life
The battery life of the PowerBook isn’t what people would refer to as stellar. You could get about three hours life out of it when doing normal work. If you turn off the battery saving measures to play games, you will most probably run out of battery after an hour and a half. If the game is older or not very demanding and doesn’t read from a CD, you could probably get similar battery life as with normal work, but I would recommend most gamers to stay close to a power outlet. While small and portable, the PowerBook isn’t really meant for unconnected gaming. But still, it works great to take a quick round of Enigmo when on battery power. Just be prepared for the computer to sleep when it runs out of power.

The big question is then: are the new PowerBooks equipped to handle the demanding games of today? Let us throw ourselves in to what you all have been waiting for — the benchmarks!


Archives  Reviews  PowerBook G4 1.33 GHz (15 inch)