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Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: Minijack Audio Port

Sennheiser PC 120
April 21, 2004 | Tim Morgan

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Although most audiophiles will conjure up dreamy images of Orpheus headphones when confronted with the name Sennheiser, the company has recently been gaining foothold in more accessible consumer audio as well. The PC series, featuring wired and wireless headphones and microphones within $100, offers gamers and enthusiasts a chance to experience low-cost sound from a respectable name in the audio industry.

The Sennheiser PC 120, a monaural in-the-ear headset with a short microphone and a single earbud speaker, has obvious applications as a cell phone attachment. Gamers may be scratching their heads when considering this tiny headset, retailing for around $30, as an addition to their setup. I set out to see if the PC 120 would make a viable addition to a gamerís desktop (or laptop) arsenal.

Two in the hand...
The PC 120 is a small headset that wraps itself around your ear, placing an earbud speaker in your ear and a microphone down your cheek. The microphone is placed on a flexible mount allowing it to swivel a full 180 degrees for use with both the left and right ear. The microphone itself can tilt up or down with a small degree of freedom to face oneís mouth. A cable emerges out of the rear of the ear clip, terminating in a sixteenth-inch audio-in/out jack for use with cell phones. Included is an adapter that converts the signal to two eighth-inch mono jacks, which can be plugged into standard speaker and microphone ports.

On the adapter are a small volume control and a microphone on/off switch; such functionality is only available for use with computer or stereo audio (although that probably doesnít bother cell phone users much).


Archives  Reviews  Sennheiser PC 120