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Manufacturer: ViewSonic
Min OS X: Any Version

ViewSonic VP171b
March 31, 2004 | Johan Hansťn

Non-Gaming Use
The V171b fares just as well for other types of work. As soon as you get a good color profile, everything looks great. Iíve watched a few movies and was generally impressed by how they looked. Due to the sensitivity of viewing angle for the color and contrast, any graphics production aimed towards printing would probably have to be kept on a CRT, but normal word processing and non-printed graphics work works great on this LCD. Just donít expect the printer to put out something with the bright colors you get on the screen. The viewing angle is good from side to side, itís the vertical position that affects colors the most, and so as long as you sit at the same height, it's not very noticeable. One thing I did notice is that you can see ghosting if you drag a window with black text on a white background, such as just moving windows in finder. This is probably because the high contrast between text and background, and you donít read the text while moving it anyway, so itís not much to care about. It just proves that the technology still can be better. Though I see similar things on my CRT, just not as clearly since the image isn't as sharp.

Final Thoughts
So in the end, is it worth it? Iíd say very much so. Itís not a perfect product, especially not after losing my good calibration from day one (be careful when you clean out duplicate calibration so you donít throw away the original) so I had to start all over again. Now Iím past thirty calibrations total and I am happy with how things look again.

This may sound like a lot of calibrations, but I have to add that each one of them looks better than my CRT ever did. It is just that if I find something that looked better in another calibration or some colors that stick out at times, I want to get it better. It becomes an addiction. After that many calibrations I turned on the TV and realized that the TV needed calibrating as well. Once the calibration is done, it is easy to forget about it and enjoy the display. The only lasting gripes are the lack of pivoting software for Mac and the input source message on resolution change. But newer games seldom switch resolutions, and I donít know if Iíd bother to switch the screen to gain 25% height while writing, so neither of the problems are that bad.

  • Low power consumption
  • Takes little space
  • Clear and bright image
  • Maxes games more beautiful
  • Good extrapolation at non-native resolutions
  • Multiple inputs for multiple computers
  • Looks very nice

  • Input Source shown on OSD at resolution change
  • Colors and contrast differ slightly depending on viewing angle
  • Hard to calibrate
  • Unable to view a true black color
  • Slight ghosting at extreme situations
  • No pivoting software for Mac

    ViewSonic VP171b
    Manufacturer: ViewSonic


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