August 16, 2018
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Publisher: Freeverse    Genre: Board & Card
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Deluxe Board Games
April 24, 2003 | Michael Phillips

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Today's games are bigger, faster, more complex and hardware intensive than ever. We have games that use advanced 3D graphics, recreate World War II, allow us to battle orcs and demons, feature gothtastic Nazi killing vampires and bring medieval siege warfare to our fingertips; we even have games that allow us to play God. Every year, games raise the bar and evolve in ways that seemed impossible to previous generations. Yet, above all else, games grow more intense. I actually feel fatigued after long Warcraft III battles, it's not easy OwNing the Jay Swartzfegers and Eddie Parks of the world. Sometimes, I prefer to play a game that's a little less taxing on the reflexes and a little more nourishing to the mind. When I'm in such a mood, there's only one place to turn for my gaming pleasure. That's right, I go to the folks at Freeverse Software.

Recently, the crew at Freeverse Software has released a suite of software entitled, Freeverse Deluxe Board Games (FDBG). The Freeverse Deluxe Board Games are comprised of 8 classics that include 4 In A Row, 7th Fleet, Checkers, Chess, Go, Mancala, Reversi and Tic Tac Toe, all for the price of $19.95. So, are these games a bargain or a blunder? Is it worth today's cash for the games of yesteryear? Can monkeys actually play chess? Read on and find out!

Gameplay: Oh Man, You Sank My Battleship!
Upon purchasing the Freeverse Deluxe Board Games, players receive a registration code in order to unlock the downloaded classics. For an extra five bucks, one can also pick up an FDBG CD. The FDBG downloads are no more than 5 MB each, thus even those lingering 56kers can join in the fun with relative ease. Once all the games are ready and waiting, the fun can begin.

So, let's discuss the games:

4 In A Row: In 4 In A Row, players attempt to place 4 of their colored discs in a row in order to achieve victory. This is my favorite game in the collection, especially when I get to smoke my friend and IMG cohort, Lucian "OwN3D" Fong.

7th Fleet: Most know 7th Fleet as Battleship, the game in which players blindly attempt to sink their enemy's fleet of warships.

Checkers: For those unaware, Checkers is the classic game in which players attempt to diagonally jump their opponent's pieces for bragging rights.

Chess: We all know it, we all love it, Chess is truly the thinking man's (or woman's) strategy game.

Go: Players vie for dominance of the game board by surrounding and capturing their adversary's pieces.

Mancala: The African game in which players toss stones into cups. It's far easier to play than explain...

Reversi: More commonly known as Othello, in Reversi one attempts to trap enemy pieces in order to convert them to their own color.

Tic Tac Toe: The game of X's & O's that always ends in a tie.


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