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Publisher: MacPlay    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.1    CPU: G3 @ 233 MHz    RAM: 128 MB    Hard Disk: 600 MB

Fallout 2
September 3, 2002 | Josh Jansen

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Tips from a Veteran of the Wastes
The following are things I remembered to jot down while playing, sort of like a collection of Proverbs for Fallout 2. (Some of these will involve monitoring of the 'karma' levels in the character screen, where your stats are kept and raised as you level up. Karma determines not only what people think of you, but also what missions others offer you, and whether or not you're attacked on sight when you enter a certain place.)
Save early, save often, and perform backups of the save files when necessary or convenient.
When building a character, strongly consider the role of the thief, but also recognize that you cannot steal everything a merchant has, unless you first kill him. A good thief with a high barter skill will be rich early in the game.
10 agility points (9 if you also tag the 'small frame' trait) translates into 10 action points. This means two trigger pulls in a single turn for most ranged weapons, instead of just one.
As a thief, steal from everyone you can.
A good lockpick skill never hurts.
To improve your stealing odds, always do it while in 'sneak' mode, and from your mark's back. This will improve the odds of success greatly.
Stealing everything from someone's inventory at once will result in accumulated experience; 10xp for one item type stolen, 20xp for the second in a row, then 30, and so on.
Steal from enemies, neutrals and friends alike. There is no karma difference for any sort of theft, unless you get caught.
Read your karma levels. If they go up right after you kill someone, steal and save!
Both enemy and friendly weapons make the same sounds. Ammo is scarce, so listen for the ammo that may be the type you use, and kill that one before he wastes any more.
If you can steal enemy weaponry and ammo before combat, do so! Fists may work, but they don't beat a 130% small guns skill with a targeted eye shot, from across the screen.
Don't ever barter if you can steal, don't hesitate to kill a merchant if doing so will be good for your karma, and remember to save before doing anything rash, just in case.
The lack of karma loss is more or less a justification for a murder, unless the target is an important NPC.
Ammo and meds are now much more scarce. A good unarmed or melee skill won't fail you.
'Fast shot' eliminates the ability to use aimed shots. This is important when dealing with heavily armored opponents, as eye shots are what it will take to defeat the most ornery of enemies. Either that, or an excellent energy weapons skill.
A great unarmed or melee skill is best way to start the game.
Always fight with 'sneak' on. This increase your evasion and reduces the odds of getting knocked down.
Use the ',' and '.' keys ( < and >, but without shift) to turn toward the enemy before ending a turn. Damage received is doubled when someone's back is concerned.
A very high agility (ten points) will allow for earlier sequences, and will often give two full turns when firing first.
Traps, while few, can be annoying, but you can almost always use some TNT of your own instead of disarming a trap; spend traps points on lockpick, and when using dynamite, save, set the timer for three minutes, drop it, and retreat. Certain traps can't even be disabled.
Remember to step lightly when around raised plates. If you must, move one hex at a time, and make sure your NPCs are all detached.
Consider carefully the NPCs you take on, as you have a maximum of four.
Ask Sulik to consult the spirits often, as those thoughts, while sometimes cryptic, are always correct.
NPCs are mules; they will carry your stuff for you, if you want. Exploit them.
Combat control for your NPCs is there because of popular demand. Use it.
The Highwayman (your car) has a huge trunk. Don't forget about it.
When walking on the world map or driving, stay on the flat stretches of desert, if you can. It's faster, and you generally encounter fewer stoppages.
The Highwayman is cheap at any price. Be on the look out for a parts for it, too.
The Highwayman is battery-operated. You must 'use' micro fusion cells or small power cells on the areas other than the trunk to refuel. 1 fusion cell equals 1% of power, small power cells are far less than that. Examine the car to determine the remaining charge.
When refueling, you DO NOT recoup any power used over 100%. If it already has a 49% charge, and you put it up to 100% by using two full units of fusion cells, you just wasted 49 shots. Hence, drive the Highwayman until it loses all charge.
And finally, Fallout, like all games, is first about fun. Remember to go off the deep end in a town or a city every now and then, leaving no survivors.

Fallout 2
Publisher: MacPlay
Mac Version: Omni Group
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