September 19, 2018
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Manufacturer: Logitech
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: USB Port

MouseMan Dual Optical
October 31, 2001 | Lucian Fong

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With so many optical mice out on the market these days, it's getting more and more difficult for peripheral manufacturers to differentiate their products from others. "Let's add more buttons!" says the marketing team. "How about more colors? I know! What about an integrated bird feeder?" Personally, I find the built-in combination hookah and coffee maker much more useful.

The MouseMan Dual Optical mouse is the latest result of the partnership between Logitech and Agilent Technologies, an optical and wireless communications company. Featuring two optical sensors, each with a resolution of 800 DPI (dots per inch) and capable of 2000 FPS (frames per second), Logitech claims that it will increase "accuracy and precision on a broader range of surfaces." Although few gamers are using anything other than some sort of mousepad for a mousing surface, the promise of improved accuracy and precision is enough to get their attention.

Looks and Feel
The exterior of the MouseMan Dual Optical is very similar to the exterior of the MouseMan Wireless Optical (whew!). It's asymmetical shape immediately differentiates it from symmetrical optical mice. The right side of the mouse gently slopes down, which allows your fingers and palm to naturally rest on surface. (Sorry, gamers who use their south paw are left out.) Both the left and right sides of the Dual Optical are slightly indented and lined with a rubbery material where your fingers are supposed to grip the mouse.

The only annoying aspect of this mouse is the slight ridge or lip on the right side. It doesn't allow my fingers to fit comfortably on that side and feels unnatural. If you haven't used an ergonomic mouse before, it will take a couple of days to adjust your grip to the shape of the mouse. It should be smooth sailing after the transition period.

There are four buttons on the Dual Optical: the two standard on top, a wheel button and a thumb button. The top buttons are a bit stiffer than those on the Wheel Mouse Optical (WMO), but are still easily depressable. I'm sure there are some people that will complain about the small thumb button, but I've grown accustomed to it. The scroll wheel is much improved over the WMO, there is even resistance when scrolling in either direction.

As for the looks, I was taken aback at first by it's dull appearance when compared to the bright ruby red of the WMO. The gray and silver exterior grew on me as I spent more time with the mouse (I keep the Dual Optical in a cage next to my bed at night). It's contoured shape, uneven buttons, and off-center Logitech logo actually makes it look like a piece of modern art.


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