September 22, 2018
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Publisher: TQworld    Genre: Miscellaneous
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 300 MHz    RAM: 64 MB    Hard Disk: 20 MB

June 5, 2001 | Adam Newman

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When you first start playing, the apparently basic controls still take time to master and not over-correct. I call this early play time “NOT tranquility”. But, as you continue, you find yourself bouncing/flying around not even looking for a spinner. You just feel enveloped in the experience.

Here is a snippet from TQWorld:

“Playing tranquility is always a win-win. No lives are virtually lost, no complex paths to remember or puzzles to stand in your way. No enemies lurk around corners to chase you. There's also no time limit, you always set your own pace.

So find yourself a comfortable chair, perhaps a nice pair of headphones, turn down the lights, and enjoy a truly unique sensory experience. Tranquility awaits you.”

TQWorld, simply put, has a huge winner on their hands. Time flies by as you are playing and you will simply not notice. There is not even an adrenaline rush as you complete a level. It is more a deeper satisfaction of accomplishment.

I find myself at a loss to adequately describe Tranquility. But take my advice. Download it now and apologize to your spouse in advance for your absence over the ensuing days.

Publisher: TQworld
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