August 16, 2018
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Manufacturer: Gravis
Min OS X: Not Supported    Requires: USB Port

Eliminator Precision Pro
April 18, 2001 | Matt Diamond

The Gravis Eliminator Pro is a budget-priced USB joystick that comes with a lot of features including 6 buttons, trigger, eight-way hat-switch, throttle, scroll-wheel, twist-handle, and a unique Precision Button that makes the joystick more precise on demand. On paper it sounds like a pretty good deal, and for the most part it meets expectations.

First Impressions
It is often the case that a product that sells mainly to Windows users ends up slighting Mac users in some fashion. The first problem with the Gravis Eliminator Pro is the instructions for installing and using it on a Mac are extremely short. Suffice it to say that the Gravis manual has only a brief description for using it with a Mac, and the description is so general-purpose that they use the exact same text in their manual for the Eliminator Pro gamepad as well.

But maybe Iím being nitpicky, because using it really is that easy. InputSprocket recognized the device, and plugging it in involves no software installation or rebooting whatsoever. Itís plug-and-play in a way that Windows rarely achieves. This simplicity comes with a price, however; Gravisís Windows-only software allows extensive customization that is just not possible with InputSprocket. Buried on their web site in the technical support section is a recommendation for USB Overdrive for Mac users who want to customize the joystick and more. USB Overdrive has its limits, even when compared to the software Gravis used to ship with their old ADB joysticks, but it helps bridge some of the gap.

Like most game peripherals these days, this joystick is only officially compatible with InputSprocket games. While this wonít be a problem for most people, those of us who want to play older games will again have to use a utility like USB Overdrive (more on this later.)

There is a further indignity waiting in the box if you are a Mac user: a Windows-only copy of Fly!2K. Worse, the CDs are not labeled as Windows-only. Since a Macintosh version of Fly!2K has been published I imagine Gravis has gotten a call or two from frustrated Mac users who could not install the one that came with the joystick. In the future, Gravis should bundle both PC and Mac versions with the stick. The joystick is already a good value for its price; a bundled flight simulator would have been icing on the cake.


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