January 17, 2019
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Manufacturer: Apple

iMac SE/600
April 4, 2001 | Patrick Leyden

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In its lifetime, Apple’s iMac consumer desktop computer has changed from being a one-box-fits-all computing solution to an entire product line. As a result, a few key differences have evolved among the various models. At the high end of this product line is the iMac Special Edition. In its latest incarnation, the iMac SE is a computer with something to offer almost every Mac user…even gamers.

The latest iMac Special Edition sports a revised color scheme, a faster processor, an improved video card and a new optical disc drive. While these options may not sway the hardcore gamer from lusting after a high end PowerMac G4 tower or Titanium PowerBook G4, gamers with old hardware and a limited budget should give this new iMac serious consideration when shopping for a new Mac.

Something Old, Something New
The most obvious aspect of the latest incarnation of the iMac Special Edition is that the machine is physically identical to the previous iMac Special Edition. What has changed, however, are the colors of the newest iMac. The Graphite color option, which has been a mainstay since the first iMac Special Edition, remains, but the two new selections have been added. The blue-and-white speckled Blue Dalmatian and the spring-inspired Flower Power are the two new color patters (an Indigo option remains for low-end iMac models). These funky-looking styles join the solid Graphite grey tone in the Special Edition category, giving shoppers three styles to chose from. While these two new color choices might not appeal to the hardcore gaming crowd, they continue Apple’s tradition of cutting edge palette selections in their consumer desktop line.

Another carryover from the previous iMac Special Edition model is the inclusion of the Apple Pro Keyboard and the Apple Pro Mouse. Introduced in the summer of 2000, these two input devices were praised for their sleek styling as well as for their functional aspects. The Pro Keyboard is a gamer’s dream with a complete set of 108 full size keys, including a well-placed inverted ‘T’ arrow configuration. The keyboard also includes a built-in USB hub that can accommodate a mouse and one other input device.


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