February 21, 2019
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Publisher: 3DO    Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: Not Supported    CPU: G3    RAM: 64 MB    Hard Disk: 450 MB    Graphics: 800x600 @ 16-bit

Heroes of Might & Magic III Complete
February 20, 2001 | Richard Hallas

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New heroes
The Conflux is home to two new types of hero: planeswalkers and elementalists, and there are eight new heroes of each type, including Luna, who makes her return from the earlier Heroes games as an elementalist rather than a sorceress. For some reason a single extra new knight, Sir Mullich, has also been added. The various campaign games also introduce a variety of new heroes as part of the storyline.

New creatures
As well as the creatures from the Conflux, Armageddonís Blade adds several new creatures which are not available for recruitment in any towns: Peasants, Halflings, Rogues, Boars, Mummies, Nomads, Trolls, Enchanters, Sharpshooters and four new types of dragon.

The dragons are all immensely powerful, and exceedingly expensive creatures to buy on the rare occasions that you can actually recruit them. Faerie Dragons use offensive spells as their primary means of attack, whereas Rust Dragons use lingering acid breath to weaken foes. The translucent, wingless Crystal Dragon runs very fast and is extremely tough, whilst the most formidable of all creatures, the Azure Dragon, is enormously powerful and instills fear into the creatures it attacks.

Whilst the reintroduction of Peasants into Heroes 3 isnít anything to get excited about, the genuinely new, rare creatures in the game are extremely interesting, and the dragons in particular are great fun. If over-used they could have unbalanced the game (they really are many times more powerful than even the best of the normal town creatures), but the map designers have chosen wisely to limit their appearances, so when you do come across them, theyíre a rare treat. They generally play their most important parts in individual campaigns, as an important element of the story.

Other improvements
Armageddonís Blade adds several minor tweaks and improvements to the game. Itís now possible to recruit either the base or upgraded creature from town dwellings, and a particularly useful improvement is that you can now press the Space bar to re-enter a location on which youíre standing. That may sound trivial but itís actually important: it doesnít cost you any movement points, so you can keep entering monoliths or whirlpools until you come out of the one you want, and if thereís a really powerful stack of wandering creatures on the other side of a monolith which would easily defeat you, you can now get away without having to fight them. You can also now leave creatures to guard your mines from opponents.

There are several new and improved map structures, such as quest gates and non-disappearing border gates, and the Artillery skill now lets you direct the fire from your castleís arrow towers during a siege.

Armageddonís Blade gives you six complete new campaigns and an additional 38 new individual scenarios, many of which exist in both single and allied versions. So, thereís a similar amount of material here as in the original game, but, as suits an expansion pack, itís all pitched at a slightly higher level of difficulty than the original set of maps.


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