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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.7

Lifeless Planet
September 29, 2014 | Ted Bade

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So, That's Not At All Creepy
As you run about the world, the story unfolds. Early on you find the remnants of the humans who tried to colonize this world, and find the other two members of your crew. Pieces of the story are told when your character finds and touches certain hot spots on the screen. They are generally marked with a small foggy cloud on the ground. Running into it brings up some information on your personal data device. As you pass certain items, the character will make comments about what he sees, exposing more and more information about this unusual world. There is a lot of territory to explore. Sometimes it can be very obvious what to do, other times you need to think about what you have found, or try different things until you get the correct actions done.

Lifeless Planet can be a bit annoying in that it has a tendency to kill your character if you try to pass beyond an area before completing the important task of that area. So, if you find your character cannot seem to move on without tripping over something that kills him, be sure to look for some piece of information or a task that needs to be completed. There are some cases where you cannot proceed in the obvious direction because of some block or another. All the solutions are in that area. This game doesnít include an inventory function, so you donít carry things for very long.

Death generally happens when you miss a longer jump, or miss jumping past some hazard. When you die, you just go back to the last point or sub-point of the sequence. I differentiate here because, if you quit the game, you will return to a major saved point, and will need to complete all the sub-point movements over again. But if you immediately try again, you will start from a closer sub-point. The game doesnít allow you to save when you want. This can be an issue when caught up in a longer sequence, and real life calls, causing you to quit and return later. Luckily, the game isnít that complex that doing it again takes a long while. There were a few sequences I refused to stop when I really wanted to, because I was waiting to find a major point to stop at.

There are a lot of voice overs in the game. The main character will make comments as to what he sees or what thoughts he is having. Words of an interview the character had with a reporter before leaving earth is also shared as the game progresses. You will also find recorded logs left by the Russians that tried to colonize this world. Luckily, your personal device translates so you can read the text (but they are read to you in Russian). The background music and sound effects were very well done and blend in well with the game.

I did really enjoy playing and managed to play to the end without any major issues. I do have to say that the end was a bit weird. I am not sure that I really understand what it was about. I will suggest that if you do reach the end that you watch the credits. Like a lot of todayís movies, there is a bit of the tale at the end. Besides, itís a way to appreciate the people who worked hard making the game and the people who contributed resources so it could be made.

Overall Lifeless Planet was fun, nothing terrific, but well thought out and worth the time one spends playing it. The challenges were thought provoking but not terribly difficult. The motion puzzles are fun and can be challenging. I liked this game and recommend it to anyone who likes a good adventure, especially one that is motion based.


ē Simple and easy to learn controls
ē Interesting graphics

ē Annoying deaths and long falling deaths (Okay, I missed the jump. I donít need to spend a lot of time watching my character fall and disappear into the abyss below.)

Lifeless Planet
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