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Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls
June 28, 2014 | Ted Bade

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A new artisan is added to this expansion. She is called the Mystic. The Mystic can affect your gear in two ways. First you can manipulate the stats of a piece of gear by converting one stat that might not be that useful to your character, to some amount of a stat that would be more useful. There is a cost both in gold, materials, and you never get as much of the new stat as you lost of the old one. But still, a savvy player can use this to really max out a character. The second aspect of the Mystic is to change the look of a piece of gear. Give a piece of gear to the Mystic and you will see several different alternative looks/styles. Some people are interested in coordinating the appearance of the gear, (vanity in gaming?). In any case, for a price and the right materials, the Mystic will convert the appearance of the gear for you.

The two previous artisans are still in the game, and as before, available to all your characters once one of them has completed the quests to bring them into the game (which is also true of the Mystic). Obviously, they get newer higher levels of gear to make for your 60+ character. Blizzard also simplified their training. Previously, you needed to find books/pages, and with enough you could train the artisan to another level. Now it is simply a matter of gold, up to the maximum level. However, now in the game you can find recipes they can use to make special higher quality gear. When you find such a recipe, return to town and give it to the appropriate artisan, then they can make this gear for you. The recipes I have found so far make some pretty good gear which was a lot better then the other items in the artisan’s skills.

There are also some changes to the Diablo III game in general. First of all, they put an end to the auction house. Which means you can’t easily sell the interesting gear you find and most importantly, you can’t buy better gear then you find. I think the concept of an auction house brought a lot of people into the game. I am sorry to see it go. However, they promise us that drops will be more specific to the characters we play and with increased difficulty, the drops will get better. I have to admit, my level 60 barbarian picked up some very nice gear right after I started him in the new act. The weapon that dropped was better then the one I had previously purchased from the auction house for a goodly amount of game gold.

Health potions are now all the same, simply called healing potions. The healing they do changes with the level of your character. This is useful, since you can store extra ones in your chest, making them available to all your characters and useful to them no matter what level they are. I have to admit, it seems the game generates more then before, so I didn’t seem to run out and ended up putting a lot in the chest. In addition to health globes you generate while playing, you now also generate buff globes. Walk through them to add a buff for a short while. This is in addition to the buff towers you find as you play the various areas.

The new version has two modes of play. In Campaign mode, you play the game, with all the quests and stories attached. You need to get to a new area to unlock the various waypoints. This is basically the standard Diablo game. In the Adventure mode, the entire world of Diablo III is opened to the player. All the waypoints are available, and the player can play anywhere. This is a great feature for people who like to farm gear from Diablo. It also gives players an arena to just go out and hack & slash. If you are leveling a character you can switch between the two modes to get gear, making the quests perhaps easier. Adventure mode does have objectives, like bosses to defeat. An exclamation point shown on the map that shows the way points indicates a boss to defeat near that waypoint. Adventure mode becomes available to all of your characters only after one has completed the new Act V.

Another change is the difficulty level. Instead of playing through the game at four different difficulty levels, as previously and in Diablo II, now you increase (or decrease) the difficulty as you play. This makes me wonder if Blizzard is planning to release new acts to play every so often, rather then giving the buyer a game they can play several times though.

You can also create a clan in this new version of Diablo. Clans, like guilds in WoW, create a social group where friends can get together and share their gaming experience, by playing together as well as trading gear.

The new version works very well. Graphics are slick and the music is up to Blizzard’s usual standard. I wouldn’t expect less from Blizzard! I enjoy the music and the sound effects. As before, voice actors read the scripts when interacting in a quest.

If you are a fan of Diablo III, you should consider buying the upgrade to Reaper of Souls. The expansion adds a bunch of content and is definitely worth the money. Blizzard did a great job of enhancing this game, so give it a look!


• New maps
• New character type
• Better loot
• Play is simplified a bit


• Removal of the auction house

Other considerations: Diablo III can be a casual or very involved game. It does contain a bit of battling violence.

Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
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