January 15, 2019
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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.9

Tomb Raider
November 2, 2014 | Ted Bade

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NASA Control Room After The Budget Cuts
Graphically, Tomb Raider is exceptional. Motion is smooth and realistic. The scenery and the people are photo-realistic. With a larger display, one feels like they are looking out a window rather then into a display. Scenery backgrounds are dynamic and include motion such as waves, flickering flames, small birds and animals scurrying, and so forth. Added together, this provides excellent visuals.

I did find it interesting that some graphics effects were similar to camera lens effects, as if you are not living her life, but watching a movie of her living her life. Such effects included water or blood splatters on the camera lens, sun reflected off the camera shutter (creating that multi-polygon effect), and so forth. Then there were effects from Lara’s perspective, such as hazy smoke, dizziness from a toxic gas, and fading imagery from fatigue and damage. These effects serve to provide feedback of Lara’s condition, rather then health and fatigue bars. All were very well done, the graphics were clear and very realistic.

There are plenty of video sequences in the game as well, where the AI takes over for you as Lara interacts with various characters in the game. These sequences serve to tell parts of the story as well as set you up for a somewhat difficult sequence. The animations were excellent, both entertaining and interesting, adding a lot to the game’s story.

If you are into online arena battles, this version of Tomb Raider offers that as well. Maps that can be used in the arena games are unlocked as you accomplish various tasks in the regular game.

Overall, I feel that this version of Tomb Raider is exceptional. The story is intriguing, gameplay is very well done, control is intuitive, graphics are stunning, and even the audio is very realistic. I think most people will enjoy playing this game both from a first person shooter perspective as well as from that of an adventure gamer. It is definitely worth looking at if you are in the market.


• Excellent graphics
• Very intuitive game controls
• Captivating story-line
• Engrossing gameplay


• Repetition of “death sequence” animations and sound can be annoying and very tedious

Other considerations: This game is very violent. It won’t appeal to people who don’t like games with heavy gun battles against humans and graphical violence. Take a look at the ESRB rating.

Tomb Raider
Mac Version: Feral Interactive
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