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Genre: Simulation
Min OS X: 10.5.8

Civilization V: Brave New World
December 5, 2013 | Andrew Lennox

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The confederates did try to claw back and retake some of my early victories
Some of the policies can be powerful, however most of them focus on effecting the entire world. If your civilization is lagging behind in a certain regard, having sway in the congress can bring it up to a global standard or prevent your opponent from getting ahead in other regards. It really is a game of diplomacy and as you gain more delegates from city-states as the game progresses, it really turns into an intense numbers game like you would find in a parliament. If you have the resources to sway friends and allies, this new gameplay element can be one that could help you win the game.


Ideologies were mostly a disappointment. As I became engrossed in the game, by the time this element came in I found myself with dozens of units to manage and this was the least of my concern. Introducing this element in the Modern era was too late for my interests. I had wars to fight, trades, diplomacy and social policies to worry about in my game. Ideologies also suffer from little impact, the stats that I apparently gained didn’t seem great enough to change the game, while the social policies proved to have a much greater benefit to my society. I found myself using my culture points for the old social policy system rather then the new.

While these subtle aspects might be appealing to some this is perhaps where this DLC pack falls flat for me. The complexity of all these DLC packs have created a dense game that can be hard to completely conquer and understand. This added pack has become a little too complex for my likings. It really depends on your taste, if you’re playing Civilization V and would like added features for the end game, you should really consider this pack. However, for the rest of us, I’m not so sure.

American Civil War:

The aspect of this game that really emphasised the point raised above was the included scenario. I really enjoyed my time playing the American Civil War, however, the shear amount of units I had to manage turned out to be more stressing then fun. Having to sacrifice cities so I could reach the capital in time was frustrating, although to some effect realistic as well. The game mostly played out like any other scenario, but the managing of many units was the challenge of this mode. If you think these advanced tactics and management is what you desire from Civilization V then this scenario plus the pack really is a no-brainer to try.


By looking at the features that I have focused on, it can be hard to justify the US $30 price tag. With the majority of the features only appearing in the later parts of the game, even on the fastest pace, it takes too long a time for the average player to encounter the value in this pack. However, if you enjoy every little detail in Civilization V and desire greater functionality, this pack has new and exciting ways to play.


• Great additions
• Focus on alternate ways of playing
• Diplomacy becomes more interesting


• Takes a long time to get to many of expansion features
• Features can be lost within complex gameplay
• A little too expensive

Civilization V: Brave New World
Mac Version: Aspyr Media
Developer: Firaxis Games
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