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Genre: Shooters
Min OS X: 10.8.5

Metro: Last Light
November 18, 2013 | Ted Bade

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Post-Apocalyptic Entertainment
Game controls are explained briefly as the game progresses. You either need to pay particular attention to these events or, like I did, download a copy of the user manual. There are some things that are easily missed, such as certain controls that require you to hold a key rather then tap it. Artyom has a small hand held generator which can be used to recharge his flash light and other things that need power. You will need to learn which items make use of this generator. Most of the controls are pretty standard. Use of the mouse buttons to shoot or to bring up a weapon's sights, and the standard WASD for movement. If you are going to try to stealth parts of the game, you are going to need to known where important controls like crouch, and run are located, since you will be using them a lot. Artyom has a wrist device that glows blue when he can be seen and will alert you when a gas mask filter needs to be replaced, as well as a compass that points toward the next location you need to reach.

There are a variety of environments that you will pass through and interact in as you travel through the game. They are realistically rendered, and full of background motion and noises. Artyom can learn important information by listening to NPC conversations. He also has memory flashbacks, which tell a little of his past and the past of this story. Later in the game, he also has visions that relate important parts of the story. Metro Last Light also makes great use of quite a number of animated cut scenes, that move you through parts of the story. There are certain decision points in the game, but most relate to how you decide to defeat an enemy: by death or knock out. There are outposts in Last Light, where many people gather, like a town, where there are things to do besides battling with the enemy. There are usually weapon and ammo vendors, bars to drink at, and other forms of entertainment. It is a lot of fun just to explore these areas. There was even one space where Artyom was given the opportunity to sit and watch a stage show, consisting of several musicians and other entertainers. You don’t have to sit through the show, but it was a lot of fun just enjoying the hard work the game programmers put into developing this!

The audio and sound track for Last Light are also nicely done. The sound of nearby monsters and even people doing various things can alert you to nearby dangers or events where you can take some actions. The sound environment of Metro is very robust, adding a real audio dimension to the game. The music track also adds to the experience.

Graphics in Last Light are pretty standard animations. Nicely down, not photo-realistic, but definitely good enough for the game. There is an incredible amount of detail in the spaces of this game. Rats and other vermin scurry about the nearby areas, flys and other things feast on corpses, spider webs, with spiders block your movement, rain pelts you in outside areas, and radiation laden areas glow green. There are many well done effects that make this a very realistic environment.

I ran into no computer issues playing this game. My only complaint is the lack of a solid tutorial on how to use the controls. I actually admit that I thought the night vision goggle function was somehow broken, until I realized that Artyom needed to charge them before they would work. So I went back and redid the level, which was much easier using the goggles! There are also a few boss monsters that require special methods of attack to defeat. While learning their “trick” doesn’t make defeating them easy, it does generally make it easier, and cuts down on the amount of ammo you expend.

Metro Last Light is an excellent FPS, with a solid story, offering a variety of environments to play in, that are rich in graphics and audio cues. I liked that there are options to disable enemies, as well as kill them to move through the game, and especially enjoyed the areas where I could participate in entertainment that doesn’t involve battling enemies. The game can be quite challenging, as you need to learn to control your equipment and weapon, as well as learn the weaknesses of your enemies, and the important aspects of dealing with the environments of this crazy world. Metro: Last Light is well worth the money and time spent to play it. Any person interested in a good, solid shooter will enjoy this game.


• Excellent environment
• Good story line
• Lots of action and investigation of the environment


• Lack of information on game controls

Other considerations: This game gets a mature rating for a number of reasons. It includes elements such as dancing girls, strong to vulgar language, and lots of violence.

Metro: Last Light
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