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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.7

The Night Of The Rabbit
July 22, 2013 | Ted Bade

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Even Whales Like The Northern Lights
There is no death or failing in The Night of the Rabbit. The worse thing that can happen is you go in a circle and become stuck there, not seeing the steps necessary to move on. As the game progresses, Jerry gains abilities, spells, and friends that make doing certain things easier, even as the complexity of the puzzles increases. During the end sequences of the game, the world becomes dark and evil. Jerry needs to use all the skills he has learned and the friends he has made to overcome the evil magician, Zaroff. The end of the story was as much fun, in itís own way, as the beginning of the game. Eventually, Jerry defeats Zaroff and everything is once again right in the world!

There are some interesting side elements available in addition to the main game, including the card game Quartets. You can collect extra cards for the game by playing the card game and by finishing certain parts of the main tale. It is introduced in the middle of the adventure. I personally didnít pursue this side game since It isnít part of the main tale.

Another fun aspect is collecting the tales of Mousewood. If you complete certain parts of the main game and some sub-quests, you will be given access to an audio book version of the Tales of Mousewood. These are short stories that relate certain tales surrounding the land of Mousewood and its inhabitants. They have little to do with the main parts of the game, but are really rewarding. Listening to the stories is fun and a great reward for playing the game. They are children stories, so donít expect a lot. Since I am a fan of such literature, I enjoyed them.

The inventory screen is where all the stuff you collect is stored. It also provides easy access to game save, the journal, your magic spells, special abilities, and so forth. From the main menu there is a Bonus Feature button that provides access to awards, the audio stories, and other special features.

I had a few minor issues with the game interface, but nothing drastic enough to really be concerned about. When you quit and return to resume play the game starts you a step or two before the last step you made. This really isnít a problem, since you will probably remember what you last did.

Journal entries in this game are unusual. When Jerry makes an important move, you might notice a journal writing icon on the screen. If you go to the journal right after a writing, you generally donít find anything related to what just happened. You will see things that recently happened, but not the most recent. I donít know if I was using the journal incorrectly, or if it is just weird. But I didnít find myself looking for help with the journal either.

I really enjoyed playing The Night of the Rabbit. The graphics are gorgeous, the music is well done and plays well to create a terrific ambience, and the puzzles are challenging enough to keep one busy for a while. Itís a kidís story adventure, light hearted, and fun like a cool summerís day. If you donít expect more then that, and enjoy both a solid challenge and a great story, you will enjoy the Night of the Rabbit.


ē Great story
ē Fun images
ē Interesting characters


ē You lose a step in progress when returning after quitting
ē The story and theme might be a bit on the ďchildishĒ side for some players.

Other considerations: This is really a family safe game. There is no violence to speak of or any more mature situations. It think it would make a great game to play with oneís children.

Be sure to check out the game's trailer on YouTube

The Night Of The Rabbit
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
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