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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.7

Don't Starve
June 18, 2013 | Ted Bade

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Now I Just Need To Invent Some Smores
You quickly learn to carefully divide your daytime between gathering (food as well as materials), and exploring. I found it useful to build a base camp with a fire pit, a place to store gathered materials and my Science Machines. Choose a location well, the resources near your base camp will make survival easier. You might also start a garden or build a chest to store things in. I found it a good idea to be near an area with trees for firewood, rabbits for meat, and buffalo for fertilizer. Once you get a food chain established, you can begin some serious exploration.

Night is pretty much a waste. You will need a fire, otherwise the monsters of the night will end your game rather quickly. A campfire is a good start although it will disappear once it burns out. A fire pit remains were you build it and all you need to do is add fuel to get burning again. Night has two parts: evening, where it is dark but you still feel safe moving around a bit, and the dark dark part of night, where it is generally a good idea to stay close to the fire and keep it burning brightly. If your fire pit is near your science engine you can use the evening to make things as well as plan what you intend to gather for the next day.

There is a map you can view that shows the areas you explored and provides some information about the topography and resources in those areas. For instance, it will show the water borders, areas with trees, grass, berry bushes you located, rocks, and so forth. It will also show where you have placed things like your fire pit, traps for catching animals, gardens, and the like. The map is set to display the whole of the “world”, but you can zoom in on areas to get a better view and more easily see the icons showing what is there.

Death is permanent. Once your character dies, you can start a new session and do it all over again, but now you are a little more experienced with the game engine. You might be able to avoid certain mistakes and have a better plan for what to do. The bad news is that you might find something in one world that makes life easier, but not find it in another. The basics are always there and you can take advantage of your experience. There are also other characters you can play which become available after you progress enough in a life with Wilson. Each character is a bit different with how it interacts with the environments.

Graphics in this game are simplistic, but better more realistic imagery wouldn’t add anything to the experience. There is no speech, Wilson or whomever you play will make a sound when you have him interact with the environment. His comment will be in a text bubble. While the comments aren’t complex, they will change depending upon various factors and provide some information. Audio features are pretty basic as well, but again, that goes along well with the format.

Another important thing to consider about Don’t Starve is that the game is continuously evolving. The developers make regular updates to the game, adding features, and increasing the play areas. The main menu of the game even tells you when the next update is intended to be released. The version I tried came via Steam, which can provide some very unusual messages when a game or Steam itself needs to be updated. ☺.

Along with regular updates the game developer Klei Entertainment also maintains a somewhat busy forum site for players to exchange information, make suggestions, and complain! It’s a great place to visit if you get stuck or want to get hints or even spoilers about things you can do and areas to visit.

Overall, Don't Starve is a lot of fun. As you learn from your mistakes and play a new character, you find you delve deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the world and the characters, monsters, and items therein. Since there are so many variations possible it is almost endless. Each experience is defined by how you have your character interact with the environment that was given. This makes Don’t Starve a game you can play over and over again. It’s an excellent choice as a game and a way to while away your free time! Great game, but don’t forget to eat….


  • Each time you play the world is generated randomly, providing a multitude of variations
  • Great game company support
  • Extremely entertaining and addictive!


  • Death is permanent. Although you learn from your mistakes, a silly error, like accidentally attacking something with a misplaced click might cause you to lose hours of work.

    Don't Starve
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